you are Designed to Shine.

Welcome! I’m Shannon…

I believe you ended up here for a reason and I’m so happy you did!  For 20 years, I’ve taught, coached and mentored heart-centered leaders, visionaries, creatives, healers and dreamers just like you, who are ready to connect more deeply with their true gifts, manifest their dreams and make a positive impact on the world.

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Isn’t it time you lived the life your soul is calling you to live? Reveal the brilliance within you and embrace a life of authenticity.

Reconnect with your inner wisdom

Throughout our lives, we’ve been conditioned to seek answers outside of ourselves, frequently asking questions like, “What are they doing? What do they expect of me?”
When you’re disconnected from your inner voice, it can manifest as swirling anxiety, overthinking, or a restlessness preventing you from being in the present moment. Maybe you’re feeling…
* Drained, depleted and stuck, despite the blessings in your life.
* A deep longing to tap into more creativity and express yourself in a purposeful way.
* A desire for a change but feeling apprehensive about where to begin or how to move forward. 

As a busy mama of three, I was struggling with finding time for myself and was feeling burned out.  After taking one of Shannon’s classes, I now find time to create, meditate and explore my feelings.  I learned so much about my dreams, my fears and myself. I feel motivated to dream big and to make those dreams come true. Shannon is such an inspiration and she has a way of making you look at your life differently and positively. ~ Sara

Create a life that deeply resonates with your soul.

On your personal self-discovery, empowerment and transformational journey, you’ll learn how to recalibrate what’s out of tune, so you can live in greater harmony within yourself and radiate your courage, creativity, true light and authentic power into the world.
Here are a few of the transformative services and resources I offer to help you get there.

Living a Free Spirit Life


Did you know you have a unique energy map that can shine a light on your authentic nature and true gifts? Through a Human Design reading and / or life coaching, you’ll discover your unique blueprint and gain clear understanding of your life purpose while unlocking secrets to finding greater flow, peace, prosperity and joy in your life.  


A Free Spirit Life Academy offers online courses that intuitively guide you toward spiritual alignment, emotional health, creative freedom and joyful authenticity.

A few of the topics include journaling, playful watercolor, meditation and intuitive goal-setting.  Invite a friend, and I’ll meet you in class!


Looking for mindful gifts or creative inspiration? Need to find clarity in life or process whatever is making you feel stuck?  We offer products that support authentic, empowered and creative living.  Items like journals, motivational art prints, affirmation decks and organic lavender eye pillows can be found on our shop.

It’s time for you to shine!

I’ll guide you to fully embody what it means to live a radiant Free Spirit Life through my personalized holistic coaching, human design and flower essence sessions, retreats, workshops, courses and products.

* Navigate the complexities of life, uncover limiting beliefs and overcome challenges holding you back from embracing your gifts.

*Unlock your unique energetic blueprint, the spark and catalyst that will guide you during powerful transformations.

* Align your natural strengths, passions and purpose to create a life that truly resonates with your soul.

Wow, Shannon! Oh my, I am flabbergasted with this work you are doing!  I just listened to my reading and wow, I couldn’t resist taking notes.  I paused and wrote things and listened again.  So insightful and helpful.  I am amazed at how accurate this is.  And also amazed that I’ve been pushing, while listening and knowing.  I love angel cards and they have been telling me similar things for a while – more yoga, more rest, more study and also that now is the right time.  I think you’re reading of my Human Design is by far the most powerful and igniting to me! ~ Stephanie

Living a Free Spirit Life

I specialize in sparking transformation, guiding healing and personal growth, and creating momentum in all areas of life –  empowering you to share your unique dreams with the world and embrace your most authentic self.

No matter what stage of life or where you are in the world, you are welcome here. Let’s connect and ignite change together through Zoom, Voxer, or in-person on retreat.