“You belong among the wildflowers.
You belong in a boat out at sea.
Sail away, kill off the hours.
You belong somewhere you feel free.”
~ Tom Petty

The Wildflower song has been stuck in my head lately. Maybe because after two months of being home, the concept of what really makes us feel free is something I think about a lot these days.

When do you feel free? What is this time at home teaching you about yourself and your life?

We spend most of our life seeking how to be happy. We think that someday we will feel free, but we need this, this and this before that happens. We do a lot of our searching for meaning outside of ourselves – looking out there for the answers. We think if we just have this much money and this many friends and that house and the designer clothes and the status at work and the perfect body and the forever young skin, that the joy and contentment we seek will come.

We’re born into this world with fresh eyes and open hearts, and before long someone paints the picture for us. They tell us the sky is blue and the grass is green. They tell us how to walk in a straight line, how to be a good student, how to be polite and kind, how to fit in and not stand out. They tell us how we should be and definitely how we shouldn’t be.

We learn the rules and the “right ways” of how to live before we get a chance to explore our wild and free spirited sides – our true nature.

Soon, the filter in which we see the world is through the views, judgements and experiences we’ve collected over time. The opinions from our parents, our grandparents and our siblings. The viewpoints from our friends, our teachers and community. The conditioning from our culture, from our history and from the world.

The filters in which we see the world are a collection of labels, beliefs, emotions and stories that taint the perception of what is and keep us disconnected from who we truly are.

No wonder so many of us move through life confused about who we are and unclear about how to live a life that’s connected to what’s most important to us.

Most of the messages we’ve received for a big part of our lives have one common theme: You are not enough, just as you are. You were born not knowing. You were born as a child that must be taught how to fit in. You were born imperfect and broken, and for the remainder of your life you will have to learn how to obey the rules of culture to belong and fit in, or you’ll be judged and left alone – without a sense of belonging.

We live in a world that is perpetually feeding our “not-enoughness” complex. Pushing us to buy more, do more and be more. We are left stuck in an unsustainable cycle of doing too much and not having or being enough.

You’ve been told how to live, how to act, how to get approval, how to fit in, how to be a good citizen, how to be giving, how to be a good mother, how to be a partner, how to raise good children (ones that fit in and behave) and how to be successful.

With so much emphasis on doing it right and to avoid judgment from others at all costs, it’s no wonder our true selves are suffering.

Trying to be perfect and live by the expectations of others is leaving us in states of depression, anxiety and overwhelm.

And we felt this before the pandemic! Now we are faced with even more trepidation. How will we reenter the world? What if I’m not ready to go to restaurants or to work? Is it safe out there? What if a loved one or I get sick? What if I lose my source of income and can’t provide for my family? What do I do now that I’ve lost my job and my sense of identity and I’m feeling sad, resentful, lost and stressed?

What if I don’t know what to do or where to go or how to be? What if I don’t know who I am anymore? What if I’m feeling more courageous and confident to be my true self and I’m needing support from others who “get me?”

Your inner life is where you remember who you really are, and it takes self-reflection, compassion and exploration to nurture this side of you. The you that came into this world with fresh perspective and an open heart. The you without the labels and the right ways and the stories you’ve grown attached to. The you without the guilt, shame and baggage from the past. The you without the worry, anxiety and doubts about the future.

The you that is…perfect, whole, complete, creative, powerful and wise – right here just as you are. Even when you don’t feel enough. Even when you feel scared. Even when you feel lost, disconnected and unsure.

There isn’t a human on this planet that doesn’t experience challenge, discomfort and uncertainty in life. We know that even more so now as we are going through this global trauma.

We need to be connected to our true selves more than ever before.

As we face life in a very different way, we have been given the opportunity to look within and deeply listen to our hearts.  This is a time to reflect on the life we’ve lived so far, explore what matters most to us and create a new path that is inline with our values, dreams and gifts.

This is a beautiful time in your life to move through the anxious feelings you may be having about the state of the world and focus on your mental and emotional health and well-being.

This is one of my greatest passions in life: Guiding women as they awaken to their inner dreams and gifts, and remember how amazing they are.

Living an empowered, authentic life that is true to your heart and soul is what you are being called to do in this moment of crisis and overwhelm. This is your time to reset, to discovery our true self and to find the courage to carve your own path and live a creative and joyful life.

Living deeply connected to your soul’s purpose and expressing yourself with courage is the ultimate freedom.

Wherever you are on your journey in life, know that you are in this place to heal, grow, learn, evolve and awaken.

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been hosting a virtual course, The Artist’s Way, as we’ve followed along with Julia Cameron’s life-changing book. It changed my life over 20 years ago, and I can see how it’s taking me down another life transformation this time around, too.

I’m currently in the flow of writing my first book – something I’ve wanted to do the past 10 years!

Each week I’ve been meeting with an amazing group of women who are exploring their inner lives, dusting off their old dreams and rediscovering new ones. It’s been a complete joy reading this book together, doing creative exercises, leading them in guided meditations and having our weekly virtual group calls.

This has been quite a healing, supportive and encouraging group and experience to be doing during the pandemic.

I’m excited to let you know I’m leading a new group of The Artist’s Way this summer and registration opens today.

Join me June 18th – August 20th as we reconnect to what matters most.
Your creativity, your spiritual healing, your mental and emotional health and well-being MATTER and it is time to listen to your heart, to dust off your dreams and to BE who you really want to be in this world.

This is your one life and this is your time.

* If you feel like something’s missing, or stuck in old patterns and ready to break free, this course is for you.

* If you feel fears, negativity and worry are bringing you down, this course is for you.

* If you don’t believe your creative but have secretly longed to be, this course is for you.

* If you have inner dreams collecting dust and you know there’s more to life, but not sure where to go, this course is for you.

* If you feel scared by the state of the world and want to live with greater courage, ease, presence and power, this course is for you.

* If you want to live an empowered, authentic and awakened life, and ready to choose love, abundance and freedom over fear, scarcity and limitations, then this course is for you.

Click HERE to learn more and to join us.

Our like-minded community of compassionate, soulful women welcomes you. You belong here and you and your dreams – beautiful you – matter.

See you in class!

You belong somewhere you feel free…