Doesn’t it feel good when you allow yourself to slow down, to pause and to step into the current of the present moment? How often do you to it?

Yesterday, I noticed my energy was low, yet the kids’ energy was high. I wanted to rest, they needed to play.

I made the decision that it would be best for us all to get outside.

We ended up taking a nice evening walk in the woods.

It was just what we needed.

What I noticed most is that I didn’t think about anything during the walk except just being with the kids.

The walk is all that was on my mind.

I didn’t worry about “what’s for dinner?”

I didn’t think about the pile of laundry waiting at home, or the fact that lunches needed to be made for the next day, or that the kids needed showers, or that I had emails to write, or that the crazy stuff going on in the world is so overwhelming.

Instead, I just walked with my kids.

We laughed.
We talked about the squirrels.
We played my 3-year-olds favorite game, what he calls, “tickle chase.”

That’s all that mattered in that moment – the simple joy of every day life.

Sometimes my joy is being alone.
Sometimes my joy is painting or writing.
Sometimes my joy is being on vacation.
Sometimes my joy is a game of tickle chase.

No matter what – we need to make space in our lives to do what brings us joy!

So often we let the overwhelming responsibilities, negativity, regrets from the past, worry about the “what if’s” and the fear of tomorrow keep us from feeling that underlying joy that is inside us. The joy that is really the true essence of who we are.

Without joy life feels…joyless.

We all are faced with many challenges in life, yet we don’t have to live in a constant state of struggle, stress, and pain.

Your Personal Reflection:
Give yourself the time to pause this week and notice how you feel. Reflect on the following questions: What do you need most in this moment? What changes would you like to make in your own life? How can you reconnect to that joy within you, so you can feel happier?
We all reach a point when we realize that life is too dang short to live based on what other people want or expect of us.

We wake up to the fact that life is too short to be unhappy most of the time and that we are here for a reason.

We awaken knowing that we have an inner fire ready to be expressed, a drive to follow our hearts and the courage to step more fully into our own power.

And when that happens…the path widens, the sky expands and truly anything becomes possible.

You know the answers.
You know where you want to go.
You know what’s being born inside you.

Join a community of free spirits on the path to living a more authentic, creative and courageous life – and remember what it feels like to be your true and joyful self.

Do the things you love.
Nourish your soul from the inside out.
Step into the current of the present moment more often.
Break free of self-doubt, worry and overwhelm.

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Nourish your soul.
Do what brings you joy.
You are worth it.