Sometimes life provides you with a clear path. You know where to go. You know what to do.  You trust what comes next.

Every once in awhile you may have to stop and look at the map. You get familiar with your surroundings. You decide which road to take. You get comfortable with where it’s going and you know how to get back if you make a wrong turn.

Sometimes you take one wrong turn, and then another, and another until you are completely disoriented.  Tired.  Confused.  Lost.  And there is no map to guide you.  Which way will you go next?  What’s around the corner? How will you survive out there in that big, scary, uncertain world?  How will you return back to yourself?  Who will you become when you get back on your path?

Some things along your path are incredibly clear. Ah! You get it. You simply know – what to do, where to go, and who you are – and that feels really good. But then, there are other times in life that are cloudy, unseen, unheard, raw, confusing – and you have a choice to walk on by or sit on the rock awhile, and look a little deeper, until you discover the beauty within and all around you.

Sometimes you let others lead the way, and other times you know when to follow your own path. Sometimes you go at it alone, and other times you need the loving support of family and friends to carry you through.

As you are searching and exploring the rough terrain, you may get muddy.  You’ll have to get your hands dirty.  You’ll have to dig and search and be patient and trust the process of life.  It might be really hard work.

But with time, dedication, and an openness to receive the support and love you need, you will find new discoveries that can change your life forever.

Your Personal Reflection:

You have two options in life – to choose a path of love or a path of fear.  Which path will you choose?