What a difference a day makes.

Just last week I was playing in Park City, Utah with my middle son.  We were visiting family and enjoying time being together.  I had never before been on a vacation alone with just him.  It truly was magic.

Three days after flying home I got a sore throat.  And the day after that I was knocked down by the flu.

I’m writing today as I’m finally starting to see the light after 7 days of being home sick.  I truly don’t remember the last time I’ve been this sick.  Luckily, it happened over spring break where we had very little plans.  Having no school drop-offs and pick-ups and rushed mornings and stressful bedtimes has truly been a gift.  My husband and mom have really stepped up, too, as you know how hard it is for the family when mom is sick.

My kids have been wonderful, too.  I did receive a letter from my 9-year-old telling me how this was the worst spring break ever. 🙂  But all in all he’s handled it great.  Their patience and gentleness shows me just how important connection is.  More than what we do or where we go this spring break, what really matters to them is making space and time to be together.

Although in the midst of being sick, it felt like maybe I’d be sick forever, I’m now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Wow it feels good to feel good, doesn’t it?

But we don’t always feel good.

There are many moments in life that knock us down.

We get sick. We lose a job. We have to say goodbye to someone we care about.  We get hit with a challenge that makes us question everything.  Makes us feel like we want to give up.  Like we don’t have the energy to handle it.

Life is full of change and discomfort.

Have you noticed how often change happens in your own life?  Just when you start feeling comfortable, something happens.  When that change or challenge occurs, we are faced with a few choices.  We can kick and fight and resist that change.  We can fully embrace and go for it.  Or we can sit somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes we are faced with small changes, like having the flu.  Other times we are hit with much bigger changes that truly do knock us down longer than a week’s time.  Change makes us feel uncomfortable.  What’s your natural tendency when you feel discomfort? Do you fight it, love it or feel a little of both?

Depending on the change or challenge we are faced with, most of us don’t like that feeling in the middle of it. It can feel really hard, especially because it feels so uncomfortable.  We want to “keep it together.”  We want to feel good at all times.  We think that if we aren’t living “the perfect” life that we think everyone else is, well there must be something wrong with us.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Just because you are struggling with change, going through a transition or feeling knocked down, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you.

Your mind can easily get in the way during such times, letting self-doubt, fear, judgment and critical thoughts lead the way.  When you get knocked down and feel frustrated or even despair, watch when your thoughts are bringing you down.  Remember that this is just where you are in this moment, and that even this moment will eventually change.

Soon, a new day comes.

When we practice letting go of those limiting, obsessive thoughts that tell us our life “should” be different in this moment, we learn to breathe through the discomfort, to even relax a little during the challenge and to accept that getting knocked down is simply part of life.

Let yourself be uncomfortable.  It really is a part of life.

Being uncomfortable truly is a part of life.  Change is inevitable.  Sickness happens.  Jobs go away. We age.  It can feel so hard when we are “in it.”  When we remember that it’s part of life, we can learn to stop judging the changes we face as “good” or “bad,” and instead we see them for what they are.

Accepting what is will help it not feel so hard.

This week I had to accept that my spring break literally consisted of me lying on the couch or bed, coughing, earache, sore throat, headache, and fever, many times with three wild boys running around me.  If I fought that too much I would have made myself feel crazy.  Instead, I looked for the gratitude.  Grateful for my cozy home.  Grateful for the help from family.  Grateful for the snow and the fireplace and not missing warm weather.  Grateful that I’m generally very healthy.

It was an uncomfortable week.  But accepting that getting sick is part of being human helped me not fight it so much.

Your Personal Reflection:

Think about a challenge, change or transition you are currently experiencing in your own life. Are you hard on yourself?  Do you find your judging, critical mind labeling your experience as “good” or “bad?” Are you feeling scared by the change you are facing or feeling resistance towards tough feelings of discomfort? Are you feeling knocked down and not sure how to find the energy to move through it?

Notice what comes up for you when you reflect on these questions, and be kind to yourself while you do.

Remember that life is full of change.

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Be well my friend.  Take good care. Keep seeing the beauty in you and all around…