life-is-for-loveMy 5-year-old stopped from playing Legos the other day and came running to me, “Mom, mom…, I know why they made life!”

Me: “Why they made life?”

Him: “Yes! I know why they made life…for love.”

Me: “Who made life for love?”

Him: “God…made life for love.”

He paused for a while and then added, “And for joy.”

Whoa. Deep right?

Whether you believe in God, Source, Universal Light…thinking that “they” made life for the sole purpose of love…is quite comforting.

When you feel sick and angry about all the devastation going on in the world, remember love.

When you get caught up in your own fear of speaking your truth, remember love.

When you feel stuck in a place of confusion, worry and overwhelm, remember love.

When you feel sad about your lost dreams, remember love.

When you get swept up by negativity and are being hard on yourself, remember love.

When you let self-doubt keep you from living the life you want to live, remember love.

Why are we here?  Why are we struggling?  Why is this happening?

In the words of my sweet and wise son…it’s all for love.

Life is for love.

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Self-love is an important part of life.

If we are Facebook or Instagram friends, you probably know I recently returned from my first girls’ trip away from the boys since becoming a mom over 7 years ago!

I have to say – it was one of the most relaxing, fun and restoring trips I’ve been on in a VERY long time.

I set an intention for this trip to be one of complete relaxation.

I wanted to only do the things that completely fill me up, from the inside out, and to take it at a very slow, unplanned pace. And that’s exactly what we did.


my retreat


We enjoyed tea (with former Inside Out grads!), amazing food, walked downtown Boulder and discovered art shops, book stores and coffee shops (my dream places). We spent 3 nights in Estes Park where we hiked, soaked up the mountains, the fresh air and the sunshine (and the heavenly smell of ponderosa pine trees – the best!). We relaxed in the hot tub (in the falling snow), art journaled, knitted and watched movies by the fire.

I came home feeling happy, calm and rejuvenated.


My energy is full.

And I’m reminded that these kinds of moments can be sprinkled throughout our daily life. It doesn’t have to be a full vacation or running off on a week’s long retreat, but you can find pure joy and peace in the simple, little moments that honor and restore your energy.

That’s what I want for you.

Make space for the things you love most. Spend time with the people you care about. Honor your energy level. Discover what fills you up from the inside out, and remember that you and your creative soul need care and tending to.

Remember…that your life matters.

Remember…that you can move beyond your fear and embrace living an imperfect, messy life.FullSizeRender 4

Remember…that self-love is an important step towards living more fully and freely.

Remember…that when you take care of yourself, and make space for your dreams, that you will continue to be a source of peace, love and joy for others.

And most off all, when things get especially tough, remember that life is for love.