A Free Spirit Life supports you on your journey of awakening as you find the courage to be your authentic self in the world.  We offer 1:1 holistic life coaching, human design readings, online courses, retreats and products that provide you with a safe and sacred place and tools to explore, dream, discover, create and return to the wisdom of your own heart.  

 Living a free spirit life is about self-discovery, reconnecting to your intuition and remembering your wholeness as you learn to embrace your imperfect, messy and wonderous life.  True freedom comes when you feel empowered, seen and connected as you walk your path of self-discovery and learn to live more aligned with your true self and in flow with your abundant, natural way of being.

I’m Shannon Kinney-DüH

Holistic Life Coach + human Design Specialist | Yoga + Meditation teacher | ARTIST + Lover of Life

I help conscious, adventurous dreamers like you, experience greater health, wealth, joy and peace as you reconnect with your innate power, intuition and creativity.  I want you to love your imperfections and learn how to share your gifts with the world.  

I’ve been guiding women on their self-discovery and awakening journey for over 20 years.  I created A Free Spirit Life to empower you to remember your wholeness as you rediscover how amazing, unique and powerful you truly are.

I want you to live a life in alignment with your souls’ greatest purpose so that you can experience the freedom that comes from being courageously and authentically you.

How I can help you

1:1 Intuitive, Holistic Coaching Sessions

Break through blocks, awaken dormant energy and experience powerful transformation as you reconnect to your true Self. 

Awakening Online Courses & Workshops

In these courses, you’ll learn how to raise your vibration, spark your creativity, unlock your true potential and connect deeply to your purpose.

Nourish your heart & Soul Retreats

Imagine stepping out of your every day life to reconnect to peace, joy and relaxation.  Enjoy a time to rest, reset and renew.

Meditate with Shannon on Insight Timer

“Loved this amazing meditation! It tunes you right into the flow of gratitude and abundance.” ~Angeles Torres

“What a perfect blend of words and music! Your soothing voice took me to a place of peace and calm.  I will listen again.”   ~Donne

“I really appreciate Shannon’s clear and kind delivery.  Her voice is naturally soothing and healing.  Perfect practice to bring awareness to your breath and the present moment.”  ~Micara