Photo by Chris Duh.

I am beyond thrilled to share with you my new online space – A Free Spirit Life!  It does feel a lot like moving into a new home.  The foundation is built, the rooms have been created and the walls have been freshly painted.  And just like moving into a new house, I usually have to sit in the space for a while – you know – to get used to it.  To see what windows the sun comes in.  To notice how I feel in each room before deciding where the furniture will go and where the pictures will hang.

I’m so ready to move into this new space after writing on my old blog for nearly 3 years.  But I’ve felt a little nervous.  I’ve been stalling.  It’s partly because I’m figuring out new blogging software.  Like learning where all the light switches and outlets are in a new house, I’m just going to feel a little lost until I get used to it.  Maybe my hesitation stems from past perfectionist tendencies – the old me – who would have waited to invite you over until the furniture was in place.  Or maybe until the art was hanging just right.  Or at least before the boxes were unpacked.  But the new me, the one who is practicing letting go of perfect, is ready for visitors!

In my old blog home, I shared my challenges, my contemplations and my celebrations.  And here will be no different.  I may feel vulnerable at times, but the more I share my most authentic way of being in the world, the more I can’t turn back.  And I would love that as I share and grow it might inspire you, too.

Along with my website and business name changes, I launched the 6th session of Inside Out e-course this week to a huge group of life-explorers from all over the world.  Lots of big changes happening. Call it the new year, the new moon or the year of the dragon – whatever the reason – I sense more changes lurking.  So until these new changes take hold, I feel like I need to embrace being ok with uncertainty.  ‘Cause sometimes being in the transition of the transition is a scary place to be.  It makes me feel uneasy.  It makes my tummy flutter.  It tricks my ego into thinking it needs to take charge, and control, and do what it can to make it go the right way.

So here I am, in my new home, transitioning through the fear.  The fear that makes me wonder, Will they like it?  Will anyone read?  Will they join A Free Spirit Life community to share, learn and grow together? Or was this move…for nothing?  Now I know that’s all just silly talk.  Fear makes us think, say and do funny things, doesn’t it?

I feel myself unwinding.  My nerves are settling.  My heart is opening wider, fuller and bolder than before.  And my arms are reaching out inviting you – oh beautiful YOU – into my home.

A Free Spirit Life is more than a blog.  It’s more than self-discovery e-courses.  It’s more than mothering with heART.  And it’s more than an online community of life-explorers.  A Free Spirit Life is a lifestyle. It’s a way of living, breathing, and being in the world that is in full color.  It’s for those wanting more out of life.  It’s for those who believe dreams matter.  It’s for those who want to create a life they truly love each and every day, while practicing contentment with how things are in this moment.

A Free Spirit Life is about cultivating new beginnings, awakening creativity, and celebrating your unique brilliance in small – or BIG – steps along the way.  It’s a place to connect, to share and to grow.  It’s a place to be inspired – to laugh, to play, to cry, to celebrate, to LIVE, to breath, to be – as you are – authentically, beautifully YOU.

A Free Spirit Life is more than just my new home.

It’s your new home, too.

Welcome home, free spirit family.  Welcome home.


Your Personal Reflection: What new beginnings are you ready to cultivate?