How are you sweet friend? What a week, huh?

No matter where you live in the world, I know you can sense and feel the major shifts taking place since the results of the US election this month.

If you want to see more of my reflections on this, you can watch this video in the Mindful Mama Movement group on Facebook.

I have felt so emotionally drained this week. How about you?

That pit in my stomach won’t go away. I’m not sure when it will. It’s just a really sad, tender time. There is so much fear and uncertainty going on.

How are you dealing with that?

Here’s how I see it…

We are being called to face our fears.
We are being called to be kind.
We are being called to be authentic.
We are being called to find our courage.
We are being called to have a voice.
We are being called to connect deeply.
We are being called to stand up.
We are being called to show up.

We are being called to be compassionate, to have empathy and to be love.

When life gets really scary, we have a few choices. We can isolate ourselves, hide out and feel alone. Or we can ask for help, bond together, connect and take mindful action.

What will you choose?

We do have a choice – even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.
We do have a say – even though the odds feel stacked against us.
We do have a voice – even though it feels like it’s not being heard.

My dear free spirit friend, I’m urging you to keep on the path that brings you closer to living an authentic life. I’m calling you to stand up and be brave. I’m calling you to connect with community.

Don’t let fear consume you.

Let yourself feel what you’re feeling. Get your breaks when you need them – from the news, from social media, from your own thoughts of “what ifs” and “what’s to come.”

Seriously, the world is changing before our eyes. There are some big shifts happening. But I refuse to let fear win.

I refuse to let fear win!


Connect to the peace within you and then take action. Here are some tips on how:

1) Start With Yourself:

Let’s start with ourselves. What fear is keeping you stuck in your own life? When do you stay quiet because you fear being authentic or honest? What have you been afraid to try or do for fear that you may fail? We need your talents and gifts. We need your love to be expressed. We need you to show up in your life.

2) Help Others:

Next, it’s time to step outside of our bubbles and see who needs our help. Who can you serve in this moment? Giving to others is a great way to feel more gratitude and love in your heart.

We need more gratitude and love right now – as it will give us the hope, strength and courage to carry on.

3) Find Stillness:

Sit quietly. Be still – doing nothing – for 5 minutes a day. Seriously – it will help you feel more calm, connected and grounded.

It will also help quiet your fearful mind so you can feel clarity arise from your heart.

4) Connect to Like-Minded People — Immediately

Don’t isolate yourself. You need to surround yourself with people who inspire, uplift and motivate you.

There is no way you can stay sane in this crazy world if you feel like you are the only one feeling the way you do.

You are not alone. Reach out and connect.
Start today – be brave – you can do it.

Here are some places to begin:
Join our A Free Spirit Life community on Facebook HERE.
Join our Mindful Mama Movement community on Facebook HERE.

Become a member of the Live Freely Circle – learn more here.

5) Get Some Sleep:

When all else fails, go to bed. Start again tomorrow.

6) Take care of yourself and your family:

Start with the people closest to you. Let go of things you don’t have to do so you can be less distracted and more available for the ones who need you most. Be there for your family and take especially good care of yourself right now.

Self-care practices will go a long way during the most stressful times.

7) Do Something – Take Action:

Maybe this means speaking your mind, or writing an article or signing up for a class on meditation. Maybe this means scheduling a play date with your kids, or asking for help or making a new friend. Maybe this means going on a retreat, or joining a support group, or working at the food kitchen. Maybe this means joining a protest, adopting a family for the holidays or being more present with your loved ones.

This will look different for everyone of us – but what happens far too often is we let fear keep us from doing anything!

Don’t stay stuck or paralyzed. Make a decision and go for it! Help yourself and help others and you will feel and see your love and efforts have a ripple effect in your life and in the world.

We need your love and your mindful action more than ever.

Leave a comment  or email me and let me know how you are doing.

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