Hi free spirit!

If you live in my part of the world you are entering the season of summer.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite season, because I truly love them all, however, it’s undeniable that summer symbolizes the carefree, light-hearted, playful energy that brings so much JOY to our lives.
I’m clearing my plate, getting organized and preparing to spend the summer with these little dudes.

I want to be available for them, with less distractions and more connection time.

It’s not easy.
There’s still a lot on my plate, as I know yours is pretty darn full, too.

But I’m willing to do what I can to bring more ease to my daily life so I can be more present with my boys.

For me to feel like I can slow down and be more present with my kids, I have to have fewer expectations.

I have to understand that with a houseful of boys, my home is going to be well loved and messy.

I have to remember that they have a lot of energy, and sometimes I do not. That getting good sleep, resting when possible, eating well and saying “no” to too much activity, will help me be less of a grouch during their high energy times.

I have to stop resisting what goes on in a day and practice accepting that both the ups and the downs are all part of life.

Life is messy.
Life is full of ups and downs.

And it’s easy to get caught up in the down times, always trying to “fix” the problems we see in ourselves and in our lives.

What if instead of trying so hard to “fix” what’s happening, we allowed ourselves to enjoy the ride a little more?

What if we could FULLY accept that whatever is happening – RIGHT NOW – is what needs to happen. That if, instead of trying to change what is and think it shouldn’t be this way, that we accept – it is what it is.

Instead of getting mad, can I with loving kindness and acceptance say, “Yep, my 3-year-old just pooped his pants (again), my older boys are screaming and fighting, and I’m on my last nerve with this mess and noise.”

It is what it is.
This too shall pass, right?

Yet, that’s not usually how we respond.

We react. We overreact. We freak out. We kick and scream, feeling this deep desire to fix the situation quick so that we feel “in control” once again.

Pema Chödrön says, “You have to know suffering in order to have the joy, and that has to do with not resisting what’s happening to you.”

Maybe dealing with the mess and noise of three boys isn’t considered “suffering,” but I will say there are moments when I feel so bored. When I feel trapped. When I don’t know how I’m going to make it to bedtime. When I feel like my home and my life will feel like a disaster from now to eternity.

That’s when I’m resisting what is.

Can I find joy, even when my son poops in his underwear? Well, maybe not. And that’s ok!

But what would happen if I ease into the discomfort of the situation and truly accept what’s happening?

When I accept that it is what it is, this is what happens when toilet training a child. Then, I can meet him with more loving kindness. I can be in the moment with him, teach and guide with gentleness, rather than continually getting swirled by a trigger of irritated emotions.

I can stop what I’m doing when my boys are fighting and when the house feels crazy messy, and rather than yell at them, I can use it as a time to talk, to guide and to connect.

We all – my boys and me – can learn in these moments. And learning and growing together – YES, there IS joy in that.

I’m a mom to 3 young, needy, wild, messy, loud and amazing boys. It is what it is.

Sure, it comes with mess, noise and craziness.

But you know what else it comes with?

So. much. joy.

There is JOY in the mess.
There is JOY in the challenge.

There is JOY when we learn to soften, to open and to lighten up about life, and to use our difficulties as an opportunity for growth and connection.

There is JOY in YOUR life – right now – can you see it?

We can get so dang serious.
We can freak out about what’s happening in our lives.

But what if we turned to the season of summer for some ease, some humor and some relaxation?

Summer invites you to lighten up.
Summer allows you to relax.

Summer encourages you to have some fun, to laugh more, to dance, to be silly and to follow your JOY.

When you feel irritated by the ups and downs in your day, how can you stop resisting what is and find a little joy in those moments?

* Clear your plate.
* Create space in your day for rest and relaxation.
* Do less.
* Sleep more.
* Eat well.
* Breathe deeply.
* Smile.
* Laugh.
* Find support.
* Connect with like-minded souls who support you.
* Be especially kind to yourself.
* Accept your life as it is.
* Make small changes that support your growth.
* Make time for self-reflection, observation and curiosity.

When you feel lost and confused about what you are experiencing in your own life, ask yourself this question:

Is what I’m doing helping me follow my joy?

Then, pause. Take a few deep breaths. Feel your heart open. Can you accept what is and feel a sense of calming peace come over you?


Do what brings you happiness.

Allow that summer energy to inspire you, and treat yourself with kindness along the way…

Be well, friend.





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