The Light of Winter
photo by Chris Duh

Here it is.  December.  The time of year where our hearts long for stillness, serenity and solitude.  And where we seem to be bombarded by everything but.  Black-Friday-this, cyber-Monday-that, sale-upon-sale, and advertisements that make us believe I gotta have that. right. now!

I’m making a conscious effort this year to stay. calm.  To slow. down.  To be present rather than buy presents.  And just when I think I’m relaxing I get a little tripped up. I notice I’m back to running around again, feeling the tension in my shoulders rise up to my neck, where that stress headache lingers on, reminding me that I’ve done it again.  I over-committed.  I over-spent.  I’m trying to do too much, take too much, give too much.  All at a pace that is…stressful.

So as I relish in the aftereffect of giving thanks for the last thirty days, I’m reminded of the intimate notes and beautiful comments I received.  I’m reminded of the wisdom that was brought to light.  I’m reminded of the new connections that were made (from all over the world). I’m reminded of the free coffee given, the tears of joy shared, the email from my grandfather, the note from my 84-year-old friend, and the amount of joy received from being more mindful and making space for the people in my life.

And when I remember the simple gifts that come from going slower, I can take pause from this fast-paced world, and truly embrace the peace that can come from this season, and which ultimately comes from within.

I’m choosing stillness, serenity and solitude.  How about you?

Your Personal Reflection:  How will you stay centered this holiday season so you can bring the gift of stillness and solitude into your life?

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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the 
highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. 
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy