The most productive state of being is peace.

~ Deepak Chopra

I’m in the midst of making changes in my life and here at A Free Spirit Life.  And sometimes there are glitches.  My old perfectionist self brought a pit to my stomach the last few days as things have been sent through my newsletter less than perfect.  Eeks…I hate that feeling.  And then there’s the old self-doubter who chimes in when someone unsubscribes from my mailing list after I’ve posted something that feels personal and vulnerable. Ugh.

But in the end, I share these things with you because – stuff like this happens when we put ourselves out there. And you know what?  With time, being less than perfect and making mistakes gets easier, too.  So here I am…putting myself out there, facing fear that creeps in now and again, and attempting to shift and sort and stumble and settle into the change.

Change can be tough.  But eventually it’s usually worth it on the other side!  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  This past year, and up to this very moment, has brought so much change to my life – with many ups and downs.  I feel like I’m on a constant roller coaster ride!  And it’s probably why I want to get off the ride and simply enjoy being still for a while.

So I’m listening to those messages, breathing and letting go of putting too many expectations on myself to make, do and produce.  That feels good to say out loud.  And with patience…I can melt into the spaces between the doing and give thanks for the peace that stillness brings.

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We are halfway through our Thirty Days of Giving Thanks challenge, which means there are still 15 days left for YOU to join in.

Simply take a moment each day to thank someone in your life. Send a text, make a call, or write an old fashioned letter.

There is nothing like being on the receiving end of gratitude, except when you are giving it! It feels SO good to be thanked AND to give thanks, because you know you are putting a smile on that person’s face. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Thank someone today. And feel your heart (and theirs) expand!

Today, I am sending a special shout-out-big-old-hug-full-of-gratitude to my dear friend and awesome, AMAZE-ing artist and pretty-much-just-the-coolest-person-ever…MEG.

Meg is really special and I feel like the luckiest to have her as the graphic designer for A Free Spirit Life. She not only helps get my vision across through her artwork, but she is so gracious and kind – even when I give her like 2 days notice to create something! Her newest design is the beautiful Free Spirit Life manifesto that you see on the top of this page – my favorite yet!

So thank you, Meg, for sharing your creative talents with us. I’ve been so inspired by you and I feel grateful to know you.


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My hope for this e-course experience is to offer you a moment of stillness that will help you stay balanced so you can have more fun during the holidays – so when it’s all over, you won’t look back feeling like you over-spent, over-consumed, over-ate and over-did-it. Rather, you will feel recharged, peace-filled and content.

Outside In: A Return to Stillness

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Peace, love and light to you!

Shannon xo

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