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Photo of my sister & me being “our true selves” – it’s very hard for us not to make a face when taking photos together…Can you relate?

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

~ Max Sarton

I am reading a fabulous book right now – The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering our Children, by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. In it she says that, “Children come brimming with potential. Because children carry a blueprint within them, they are often already in touch with who they are and what they want to be in the world.”

Stick with me here, this will apply to you, whether you have kids or not.

She goes on to say, “Few of us are blessed to have been raised by parents who are in touch with their inner joy. Those children who are so blessed grow up with a lightness of spirit and an intuitive trust that life is good and wise. They know that life isn’t to be feared, but embraced. These children watch their parents harness a connection within themselves that transcends the physical, and in this way learn to harness their own unique connection to their source.”

This book is not only reminding me that as I mother, it’s important to stay connected to my own inner “blueprint” as I guide my children to stay connected to theirs, but it affirms why I am so passionate about being a holistic life-coach, yoga teacher and mentor to begin with.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, confused and disconnected from that “blueprint” Dr. Tsabery is referring to.

I’m sure you know that feeling, too.

*  Maybe it’s when you find yourself stuck in a job you hate.
*  Maybe it’s when you don’t speak up because you are afraid to show your truth.
*  Maybe it’s when you put so much time and effort into raising your own children, yet you feel exhausted and confused about your sense of purpose.
*  Maybe it’s when you feel like life responsibilities are so overwhelming that you can’t catch your breath.
*  Maybe it’s when you feel depressed and depleted and don’t know how to recharge.
*  Maybe it’s when you feel like something creative is burning inside you, but you can’t figure out how to make it come to life.
*  Maybe it’s when you let your self-doubt and fear keep you from moving forward and keep reliving the same patterns.
*  Maybe it’s when you constantly stay busy and look “out there” for fulfillment, but still feel like something is…missing.

The thing is, we all have an “inner blueprint,” a place inside us that is here to guide us in life.

I call it your intuition.

Your intuition is an inner teacher that is here to guide you on your path.

Staying connected to your intuition is an important practice on your own path of healing, self-discovery and awakening. When you make space in your life to nurture your intuition, you learn how to listen to it and here’s the important part…

…you learn how to TRUST where your intuition is guiding you, and you cultivate the COURAGE needed to follow it.

This courage helps you find the job you love. It helps you find meaning outside of raising your children. It helps you turn self-doubt and fear into motivation to follow your dreams. It helps you understand the vital importance of nurturing your creativity.

It’s this inner courage – the courage to follow your intuition and live an authentic, imperfect life – that leads you down a path of health, wellness, abundance, joy, creativity, peace and happiness.



I help women heal. I help women – like you (and me) – reconnect to your creative dreams, nurture your inner world and inspire you to return to what you know deeply inside.

You know that it’s time to return to your inner “blueprint” so that you can actualize your destiny, share your gifts with the world, and ultimately so that you experience the joy and contentment that comes from being the real you.

We all get knocked off course.
That is the nature of life.

It’s when we make space for daily self-care, when we treat ourselves with love and kindness and when we connect to like-minded, supportive community, that life’s force propels us to greater heights.

This is when true, life-lasting healing occurs.

This is the true, life-lasting healing that happens during my 8-week e-program, Inside Out.

This is when we stop feeling confused, discontent and stuck and when we start feeling whole, complete, and imperfectly content – just as we are.

Come learn these tools together with women from around the world.

NOW is your time, to celebrate your unique blueprint, and let your inner creativity guide you as you awaken to your inner wisdom.

We welcome you!
It is safe to be you and I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery will not only save you years of floundering, but will help you manifest your creative energy in bolder, fuller and freer ways.

You are sensitive.
You value living a happy life.
You love connection.
You are intelligent, thoughtful and wise.
You have a deep desire to actualize your true potential.
You have a passion for living an authentic, empowered life.
You are love.

You are ready for an adventure of a lifetime…

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Questions? Email me!  I’m happy to help.

Be well…and keep finding the courage to be the real you.



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