Yarn Stash

As we wrap up the month of November, the Art Every Day challenge is coming to an end.  I didn’t blog much about my creative endeavors this month, but I did find little moments throughout the days to create.  I especially enjoyed experimenting with new vegan, gluten-free recipes (that I hope to share soon), and loved getting back to my knitting needles.  I even bought some new yarn for the first time in a long time, and have been working on a few scarves and some felted flower pins.

Rather than making physical art pieces every day, though, I realized that my “art every day” in this moment is actually my practice in mindful mothering.  Balancing being the mother of two and all that comes with staying home with my children, working from home, and making sure my personal self-care and creative interests aren’t totally ignored, is quite a challenge for sure!

Here’s how I work these days:

Mama working
baby on my chest,

Kes Playing
little boy at my feet,

and kitty above my head.

And some days totally flow (especially the ones when I’ve gotten sleep)!  I set my expectations aside and simply move from one moment to the next – getting to my art and work in-between the feedings, diaper changes, potty training, laundry, grocery shopping, dinner prepping, playing trains etc.

But some days have me in tears as I throw up my hands and pray for Calgon to take me away! I feel tired, grouchy and frustrated because I can’t spend more than one minute on anything without getting interrupted or someone needing something from me.

Being a mother is hard work.  We all know it’s a 24/7 job with little breaks.  And here’s what I can say without a doubt –  I love being a mom.  I love staying home with my children.  AND I love my creative work.  I used to have a belief system that the household duties somehow held more importance or value over my creativity.  Now I know that is just plain ridiculous.  If I don’t make time for me, my art and the work I love so much, than I’m that tired, grouchy mama that no one wants to be around.  But when I put value on and make me, my art and my work a priority – NO MATTER WHAT – than I am joyful, happy and really fun to be with!

Making space for our creativity is absolutely essential.  Learning how to do this is an art form in itself.  For me, this notion of “art every day” will continue way beyond the month of November because I’ve made a conscious choice to create the life I love – EVERY single day.

laundry pile

This pile of laundry is literally stacked in my living room waiting to be folded.  I made the decision this morning to create first and to post this blog entry before folding the clothes.  Now that I’ve made time for my creativity I can head towards those baskets and simply enjoy folding the clothes, rather than feeling resentful or sad because I don’t ever get time for the things I enjoy most.  (Except now I have a little boy who wants to play trains – hence, going with the flow!)

Making these choices, to make ME a priority in my life, is my art every day.  And it’s what allows me to be fully present with my children, so I don’t miss moments like this one:

Ashton Smiles
Your Personal Reflection:  What takes up your time and energy?  Do you make space for you, your creativity and your personal interests?  What small changes can you make, starting today, to make you and your creativity a priority in your life?  Are you ready to make the conscious choice to create the life you love – every single day?  You deserve to be happy and your creativity matters!