“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”

~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

How are you today? We survived the arctic blast that hit the midwest and this weekend it may hit 60! Crazy weather we’re having.

The cold gave me a lovely excuse to stay in and make eye pillows. 🙂

Oh my, I’m having SO much fun with these. In case you missed my last letter, these relaxing eye pillows are handmade with custom designed 100% organic cotton fabric, organic flaxseed and organic lavender buds. (See below for my February special!)

They smell amazing and the high quality fabric feels so nice on your skin. Lavender has a natural calming effect and the gentle weight from these handcrafted pillows touch the acupressure points around your eyes. This helps relieve tension, sooth tired eyes and aides in relaxation, meditation and restful sleep.

I’m kind of obsessed with them. Truly, if I’m feeling a headache come on or my eyes are tired from being on the computer, I reach for my eye pillow. I use it at the end of yoga during relaxation pose. I keep one in bed and use when my mind won’t shut off from a busy day.

My kids love their eye pillows, too!

I’m now taking orders for Valentine’s Day gifts!

Order 3 or more relaxing eye pillows and receive 20% off your total.

Free shipping for all orders in the United States.

USE CODE: belove


I started making eye pillows because I talk to so many people who have trouble sleeping and who deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

One way to reduce anxiety and sleep better is to use lavender. It’s very calming and stimulates deep breathing, which helps quiet your mind and reduce tension in your body.

Making space in your life to breathe more deeply and sleep more soundly will help you face life’s challenges from a more grounded place. When you feel grounded, you simply feel better and happier, and you’re able to handle the daily ups and downs when you feel at peace.

Who doesn’t want a little more peace, calm and ease in their day? Taking even 2 minutes a day to rest with my eye pillow helps me feel more relaxed. I’m excited to share a little peace with you, too.

(I’m seriously chillin’ in the snow in this picture.)

Lots of love to you this season.

May you find moments of peace in your day.

Raves from recent eye pillow lovers:

“These eye pillows are amazing! High quality, incredibly soft and the lavender smell is heavenly. I have used these myself and given them as gifts, everyone instantly loves them. Do yourself a favor and buy one, then let the relaxation begin.”
~ Lindsay

“So happy to receive these eyes pillows. I’ve ordered 5 so far as gifts and one for myself, of course. The perfect end to my day, moments before falling asleep, heachache soother. So soft and smells luxurious. Anytime I need calm this eye pillow is where I find it.”
~ Corinne

“Love! Love! Love! I could smell the scent of lavender coming from the box even before I opened it. I bought these for my team at work for Valentine’s Day. They are the perfect size, super soft, and made with love.”
~ Jennie

” I love my eye pillow! I laid down on the living room floor tonight, covered my eyes with this luxurious pillow, breathed deeply and let my kids lay and climb all over me. It was actually really relaxing thanks to my lavender eye pillow. It smells so nice and I love how smooth and soft the fabric is!”
~ Lauren