I met Hip Mountain Mama on Twitter last year, and we’ve become good “virtual” friends ever since.  She has been a wonderful supporter of my e-course, and she experienced some life changing moments from taking the class.  Please enjoy this honest, authentic reflection of a glimpse into her self-discovery journey.

Why were you originally drawn to signing up for Inside Out?
I am always looking for ways to tap into my true self…to live the life I really want for myself.  In this busy world we live in, it can be hard to take the time to work on YOU.  I was reading your blog one day and saw that you were offering an e-course on self-discovery…this appealed to me on many levels and I knew I wanted to be part of it!  I really liked that it was an online class that could be taken on my own pace, but that there would also be support from you and the other members.

Have you ever taken an e-course before?
No, this is my first one.

What did you enjoy the most from your experience in the course?

I really enjoyed the guided meditations!  Having the extra nudge to take 15 minutes for me each day was just what I needed.  I also really enjoyed journaling and the deep and thought provoking questions that we addressed.

Did you encounter any surprises along the way?
I think my favorite and most surprising day was when we were figuring out what was really important to us in life.  To do this, we first took the approach of what we did not value or like in our lives.  By doing this I was able to realize there were many situations that did not go along with my values and I needed to let a few things go in my life!  By letting some things go, I was completely surprised by how at peace and happy I felt!

Did you learn anything new about yourself and what are some of the things you’ve discovered in the course that you’ve now applied to your daily life?
I learned that I am great at stuffing my feelings and going along with things in my life that need to be put aside.  I have learned that I need to feel and that it is OK to feel and to let these feelings out.  As I said in an earlier answer, I have let some things go in my life that caused me stress and allowing myself to do this has been life changing!

Would you recommend this course to others?  
Absolutely!  Whatever place you are in your life, this is a class that everyone can learn from.  It is amazing to hear how the class affected other people and how everyone takes from it what they need.

Anything else you’d like to share, especially to those who are wondering if the course is right for them?
One of my favorite things about taking the class was waking up knowing I had a friend to go to each morning.  Reading the post for the day, answering questions, journaling, meditating, doing some artwork…I never knew what was going to be in store for that day’s class and that was really exciting and fun! Take a leap of faith and see what this class can do for you!

Thank you, Suzy, for sharing your enthusiasm for life with us!  I remember one of her favorite guided meditations from class was the one that focused on creativity.  I’d like to share that meditation with each of you.  Click here to download the audio podcast, set aside 10 minutes of quiet time, get comfortable and enjoy the gift of stillness.

Your Personal Reflection:  
Think about the last time you took a leap of faith.  What big, healthy risks have you taken in your life that have changed you?  Are you ready for a new one?