I saved this blue sweater in the repurpose pile that I created from clearing out my closet last week. I found the striped sweater in my art stash and decided it was time to get cutting.

Both wool sweaters were accidentally washed in hot water, so the fact that they turned to felt made them perfect candidates for some fun projects.  I started by cutting the bottom of this sweater off, as I liked the knit and purl texture.
Then, I cut parts and pieces of the sweater in circles and stitched them together.  I also stitched around the edges to add some color.
The ruined sweater, that has been sitting in my closet, um…for way too long…now has a much happier purpose.
I love my new headband and have already started a few more!  They are so fun and easy to make.
I then cut a portion of the sleeve to make this supercool coffee cup cozy.  I added parts of the blue sweater, along with some leftover felt pieces for embellishments.
Now I’ll be totally styling when gettin’ my drink on.
I’m using the rest of the sweaters to make flower pins.  My creative mother-in-law made this one.  Check out her felted pouches made from her stash of recycled sweaters.
Your Personal Reflection:  Do you have any clothes that could be reused in creative ways?  Have you joined the growing list of explorers making the commitment to create space in their lives by reducing clutter?  Join the discussion here.