i love happy is…

dancing like a tree.

We are all (well, mostly) moved in to our new home in the woods.  And I was going to write a post about the roller coaster feelings I’ve been having.  The fear that has gripped me.  The sadness that has crept in.  The frustration of things breaking and not going our way.  The amount of muck that has been unearthed – physically, mentally and spiritually.  And the pure joy that has stopped me several times in the midst of the chaos – like the deer that have greeted my path, or the sun rays reflecting on the lake, or the sweet and playful moments with the boys.  But today, the fall issue of the Rhythm of the Home online magazine was published, and I re-read the article I wrote for it several weeks ago.  It’s as if my past self wrote a letter to my future self, and in this moment I feel reassured by my own words.  Change does bring up so much fear and it does take courage to walk forward and let go.

Life is a dance, and that’s the reminder of this season of change.  As we start to make the transition from summer to fall, take some time to explore Rhythm of the Home’s newest issue for tons of inspiration, including my article, Dance Like a Tree.

Your Personal Reflection:

Do you feel connected to nature?  Do you feel connected to YOUR nature?  Take some time to dance and connect with nature and see how that helps you stay grounded while things around you…and within you…change.

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