We just returned from a fun family vacation in Disney World. The kids absolutely loved it and we enjoyed putting everything aside to play together. No driving, no car seats, no cooking, no laundry, no bills, no housework – nothing but being together for 7 full days. Disney really does a good job at making things easy, convenient and magical – you really do feel all “your cares” are swept away. The trip was a blast and such a gift. (To see more of our Disney photos, check out my Instagram feed.)


Now, I’m sitting here at a dining room table full of…stuff to go through…ugh. Back to “reality”.

Tax papers, receipts, checkbook to balance, the dishwasher isn’t working, the laundry is piling up…you know…the stuff we all have to deal with but don’t want to. Little-by-little I’ll plug away at it.

Because that’s what you have to do in life – take it one step at a time. Breath-by-breath, moment-by-moment, day-by-day.

And let’s be honest…sometimes taking it day-by-day is drudgery.

We get stuck.
We feel blocked.
We repeat the habits and the behaviors and the patterns that are keeping us stuck in the first place!

So, how do we move beyond our own limiting thoughts?

You know – the thoughts that tell us You aren’t good enough, You’re too old, You’re not creative.  You don’t have enough money.  You don’t have enough time.  You’ll never be like them.

How do we move beyond our own limiting behaviors?

You know – the behaviors like avoidance, or resistance, or procrastination. When we reach to read Facebook yet again when we could be writing that novel we’ve always dreamt of, or we could be finishing up our taxes or balancing that checkbook. When we let fear and hard work keep us from moving forward.

How do we recognize our own blocks so we can fully enjoy our life?

Be honest.
Start by being honest.


“Focus on the walls of your own making that are blocking the light.”

~ Michael A. Singer

Take some time to observe how you feel. How you really feel.

Here’s how we stay blocked…we don’t want to deal with the “stuff” that “reality” brings. We don’t want to face our checkbooks, or our bills, or our bad habits. It’s painful. Sometimes it’s easier to live in that fairytale fantasy and pretend that life will magically get better…someday.

But if we aren’t in the driver seat of our own life – if we don’t face the pain – feel it, honor it, be kind to it and release it, then it’s far too easy to get consumed and swept away by overwhelm and stress. And we don’t grow.

When we pause and are honest with ourselves, we can see our life for what it is.

Without judgment. Without wishing it was something else. Simply seeing the truth and accepting wherever we are in this moment.


The Practice:

Become an observer of your blocks:

Set aside 10 minutes today. (Right before bed when the house is quiet might be a good time. Grab a journal if you’d like.)

Sit comfortably and quietly. Take a few deep breaths in and out.
Relax your shoulders away from your ears.
Smile and notice how that softens you.

Notice how you feel.

Scan your body, starting at the crown of your head.
When you feel tension, take your deepest breath, then slowly, release your breath and let that tension release with it.

Be willing to stay present.

When your mind wanders (which it will), imagine your thoughts are like clouds – let them float in, and gently let them float out.

Bring your attention to your heart.

Be there. Stay there. Feel. Listen.
Stay with any feelings that might arise. Let them go.

Relax your heart completely. Whatever arises in you, that’s good.

Let the tears flow.
Let the hurt out.
Surrender to those feelings…because that blocked energy wants to be released.

It’s time.

Let it go. Relax. Release.

(You may want to write about your feelings in your journal as a way to process.)

Now is the time to feel the feelings, deep down inside, that we tend to avoid. We want the fairytale. We want the fun and adventure. We don’t want the taxes, the hurt or the pain.

But we need both.

And the more we learn to feel the hurt and let it go (rather than stuff it, hide it, numb it, avoid it or block it), the more freedom we truly will feel.

Let me be honest with you, I’ve noticed some new fears arise in me recently that I didn’t know were there. I’ve noticed some new places where I’ve blocked my own personal abundance simply because I was still holding on to residual thoughts of lack from the past. It hurts.

But as I practice staying with the pain, I notice a softening.

I notice that rather than building more boundaries and blocks around my heart to protect it, I am letting the hurt out. I’m staying open, even when I feel like closing.

And I feel deep transformation taking place.

That’s what I want for you.

I want you to feel supported on your own personal journey of transformation, growth and healing.

I want you to feel the walls around your heart and the blocks in your life break apart, so you can let your light shine.

I want you to create the life you know you want to live – day-by-day.

I want you to feel awakened, alive and free.

Let’s do it…together.

shan-fall-200Be well my friend.

Email me…I’d love to hear how the practice is going.

I am here with you…









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