Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.

~ Etty Hillesum

I have SO enjoyed a slower pace over our holiday vacation. I feel like I worked my butt off to get to a place where I could RELAX. Before Christmas, it was as though I was pushing to get somewhere but could never quite catch up.

Yuck. I really don’t like that feeling.

It took a sore throat and a feeling of exhaustion to snap myself out of it.

After the last meal I prepped and the last present I wrapped on Christmas Eve, I felt a shift come over me.

Be still.
Be. here. now.

On Christmas day we stayed in jammies, only to change for our walk in the woods, and then back into jammies once again.

It was exactly what I needed – what we all needed – as a family.

And I’ve been trying to hold on to that RELAXING feeling of Christmas ever since.
In fact, my chosen word to focus on over the next year is…RELAX.

It’s hard isn’t it? We get so caught up in the pace of daily life and all that is thrown our way.


Why is it so noisy out there?
What are we rushing for?
Where are we really going anyway?

I’m not sure.
But I do know that my inner voice is nudging me to…RELAX.

I’m embracing the rest of our holidays by going slower.
By celebrating LIFE.

And by celebrating ME as I turn…(gulp) 40! (How did this happen?)

In honor of my dedication to relaxing, I’ve decided that what I need most during my birthday weekend is to enjoy special time with my family and friends doing what I love most of all – simply being together. I’ll have time with the boys, time at a spa, time going out with my girlfriends, and time alone to journal and prepare for the New Year.

I’m excited to reflect on my last 39 years and to celebrate the life I’m living right now.

I leave you with a music video that my brother, sister and I collaborated on over the last year.

We wrote, produced and even sang the song (with the help of my musically talented bro as a way to celebrate the joy (and exhaustion) that comes from motherhood! It’s raw and simple and documents a small piece of our lives with our little ones. (And it took so dang long because we’ve filmed and edited the piece in between all the nursing, diaper changes, school drop-offs, lunches being made, late nights with sickness, grocery runs…well you get it…)

I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to share.

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Go now…BE you.

Walk slowly.
Breathe deeply.
Dream boldly.
Live freely.

And savor the stillness inside and all around you, right here and now.






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