spring walk
Spring fever is definitely in the air!

You know it.  You feel it.  When the weather slowly changes from winter to spring, the energy is undeniable.

It makes me want to be outdoors as much as possible.  I’ve been enjoying daily walks – sometimes solo to clear my head and sometimes with the boys.

The other thing I’ve been doing is cleaning out closets like a mad woman. I guess after acting like a bear in hibernation this winter, my body, mind and spirit have had ENOUGH.

I need to clear. Make space. Get out. And let go.

I bet you might be feeling a bit this way, too.

If you are searching for some support on creating new beginnings this spring, especially when it comes to your home, you must check out Leah and Stephanie’s e-course, Feathering the Nest. I took this course last year and it was truly an inspiration on not only clearing out stuff and creating new energy in and around my home (and heart), but also it reminded me how important it is to be surrounded by the things that bring me great joy.

This two-week journey guides you on how to create a home environment that supports your dreams.


Get ready to engage your senses and prepare for newness with the fabulous inspiration you’ll find in Feathering the Nest.


This is not an affiliate program. I simply LOVE these two women and when I find something that nourishes my life, I just have to share.

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Happy (almost) spring…