“Build a bridge by extending your hand.”

~ Ken Poirot

In today’s show, I share where my spiritual journey has taken me and provide you with inspiration on finding your own power.

I recently returned from hosting another magical, powerful retreat for a beautiful group of brave women. I say brave, because it certainly takes courage to go on retreat.

For 3 nights we step outside the “norm” of our every day life to enjoy rest, relaxation and some tender loving care. Most of the time the women come not knowing anyone, yet shortly after retreat begins we all feel as if we’ve been friends for life.

We as women tend to be the caretakers of all things. We take care of our families, our work, our home, our communities… So to step away from daily obligations and responsibilities to be fully taken care of is different, and in many ways, life-changing.

Every time I go on retreat I learn something new about myself. It’s the real gift that comes from experiencing peace and solitude, and it’s in the silence that I can deeply listen to my inner voice. This time around I was reminded just how much I love using my intuition, my training and my gifts as a healer.

My holistic journey started way back when I would watch the Oprah Show in high school. 🙂 I have vivid memories of getting off the bus excited to get home to make a snack and watch Oprah. I especially remember when she first introduced Deepak Chopra and his book, Ageless Bodies Timeless Minds. I didn’t know then how my journey would unfold, but I knew Deepak was speaking my language and that I couldn’t wait to learn more.

(I just looked up on YouTube to see if I could find that episode from the 90’s. I can’t believe the clip I found! Here’s Deepak showing Oprah the power of our minds using a pendulum. I just started using a pendulum this year when I do energy work. Pretty, cool.)

Through lots of turns, rough patches and mountains to climb, my thirst for spiritual knowledge and experience led me to yoga, which led me to meditation and creativity coaching. Becoming a mom has been a huge part of my spiritual practice. And after years of holistic life coaching, teaching, leading groups and empowering women, my heart and the divine have led me to Reiki, and other forms of energy work (and of course…retreats).

I’ve seen many teachers and healers throughout my journey so far on my quest to find meaning and my own purpose. One thing that has been a common theme from them and what I’ve discovered in my own self-discovery work is that part of my job here is to be “a bridge”.

The bridge is a symbol for overcoming obstacles. The bridge turns out to be a tool to help us make it over troubled waters, and can lead us to a deeper connection to our higher selves. Bridges guide us on our spiritual awakening journey.

We all have our own intuition and inner wisdom that can guide us through the blocks, limitations and obstacles we face. And from time-to-time we need a bridge to help us walk towards a whole new path. Bridges aid in our self-awakening journey, provide clarity, comfort and help us see life from a whole new perspective and view. I’ve encountered many bridges on my path so far, and I feel so grateful for those who crossed by path at the right time in my life.

I know that the work I continue to share with women is my way of offering out my hand and helping them across the bridge. And the real magic is that once you’re on the bridge you connect more deeply and fully to your own power, your own intuition, your own beauty, your own gifts. The bridge is simply a tool that helps YOU build the courage to walk more fully and freely to the other side.

It’s powerful work. It’s life-changing, indeed.

Retreats have been a joy for me because I get to share all that I love in one beautiful natural and peaceful setting – yoga, meditation, energy work, creativity and deep community connection.

This show will inspire you to pay attention to where you need boost some confidence in your life. Do you have a new dream unfolding or are you being guided outside your comfort zone but feel nervous about it?

Remember your power lives within you.



I offer 3 types of sessions:

  • Life Coaching
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Life Coaching + Reiki Energy Healing

These sessions are enriching and transformative.  You will clear out old thoughts, limiting behaviors and stagnant energy that may be interfering with your ability to connect more deeply to your intuition, creativity and self-compassion.

In working with Shannon, you will discover mindful tools that support your healing and awakening journey. These tools will help you feel empowered, inspired and excited to thrive in your life as you reconnect to your true self.  You’ll feel more mentally clear, open for change, calm and ready to walk forward with courage.

You have the power within you.


Thanks for listening and thanks for taking good care of YOU.