In today’s show, we explore setting boundaries and how saying “no” can sometimes feel hard and scary, yet when we learn to do it, can bring libration to our lives.

Did you know that it is not your responsibility to “fix” people? Are there people in your life who ask a lot of you?  Who do you have a hard time saying no to?  Who has that kind of energy that drains you?  All of these interactions need boundaries.

Sometimes it takes some stumbling and fumbling before we get a clear idea of what those boundaries should be and how to set them. That’s what we explore in today’s show.

Do you have fear of judgement from others? Do you constantly worry about what others will think if you say no?  Or do you assume they are going to be mad at you?  Do you hate conflict and would rather go with the flow (but at what cost?). Do you say yes because you feel guilty or because it feels selfish to say no?

We all feel this way from time-to-time.  But guess what?  Their problems are not your problems.  Can you feel the freedom in that?  What problem can you hand back as you practice setting new boundaries?

When you are starting to set new boundaries you’ll have to retrain the people in your life.  But with new boundaries comes new respect and freedom.  It’s so worth it!  It takes some practice and it does get easier. With time you will notice new space and more time in your life, healthier relationships and you’ll feel happier, too.



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