Thank you so much for joining us today! I’m beyond grateful to share this inspiring and empowering space with each one of you. As a holistic life coach, intuitive human design and energy guide, flower essence practitioner, and an artist, I’m thrilled to announce that a book is pouring out of me this summer, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

This journey of writing my book has been brewing within me for several years now. As I flip through my old journals, I find fragments of thoughts and ideas that I knew would someday form the essence of my book.

Throughout this winding road, I’ve been honing my ability to listen to, trust, and follow my intuition. I believe that learning to discern between our conditioned, fearful selves and our true intuition is a vital part of our growth and transformation. Embracing the unknown, leaning into fear, and using it as motivation are keys to living a life of authenticity and purpose.

Over the past 25 years, my path has led me through various healing modalities, including yoga, meditation, art exploration, energy work, and more. Yet, the one constant has always been the profound simplicity of nature. Whenever I feel ungrounded or overwhelmed, I find solace in the healing embrace of nature. It is in those moments that I reconnect with my true self, my inner peace, and my intuitive guidance.

In nature is where I catch myself saying, “There I am.”

As some of you may know, I’ve had my fair share of struggles with creativity and self-doubt. However, embracing my creativity, especially through watercolor painting, has helped me in my practice to explore without judgment. I have come to love painting flowers, capturing their energy and essence on paper.

This summer, something magical happened during my wildflower tour. I felt an intense flow of creativity after working with Mariposa Lily, which is all about the sacral chakra, creativity, and joy. It propelled me forward, igniting clarity for my book. And then came Sunflower, a powerful plant that boosted my confidence and helped me step into my radiant light. The flowers have become my companions, gently guiding me in the writing of my book.

During this transformative journey, I enrolled in a flower essence practitioner program. I’ve always felt deeply connected to the consciousness of nature, and this modality has allowed me to understand and attune to the healing qualities of flowers. It’s been truly magical, and I feel honored to share more about the healing magic of flower essence therapy with you.

Listen to this episode to learn more about my journey and feel inspired and empowered to step fully into your authentic roots so you can connect deeply to what matters most to you and have a positive impact on our world.


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Embodying Brilliance – a soulful fusion of flower essence therapy, intuitive human design, and holistic life coaching. These one-on-one sessions with me are designed to illuminate your true essence and help you embrace your unique brilliance.

Through flower essence therapy, intuitive human design guidance and holistic life coaching over three 1:1 calls with me, you’ll receive powerful and simple tips and a personalized flower essence plan to awaken your natural energy, your authentic self, and your intuition – allowing you to connect deeply to your true nature and let your authentic light out into the world.

Thanks for listening!
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