Welcome to this episode!  I’m launching my summer podcast mini-series: Radiant Awakening: Igniting Your Authenticity, Energizing Your Life and Unleashing Your Creative Magic. 

In the upcoming episodes, you’ll hear inspiring stories from visionary, empowered women who share their personal journeys of struggle and celebration as they follow their hearts and live more authentically, aligning with their unique gifts.

Heather Fischer-Page is an intuitive guide, cosmic visionary, and holistic wellness mentor. In today’s warm conversation, Heather shows us that we can all develop our psychic skills and can tap into the intuition necessary to connect with our spirit guides.

Heather helps her clients establish connections with their guides and mentors them to develop their own psychic abilities while learning to trust themselves.

From an early age, Heather experienced profound connections with spirits and other multidimensional beings. Simultaneously, she faced a series of health crises that prompted her to integrate various healing modalities into her daily practices. As Heather’s spiritual practice and connection with her guides evolved, so did her understanding of others from a holistic perspective encompassing mind, body, spirit, and soul purposes.

As an adult, she began integrating a variety of spiritual techniques, ranging from nutrition and human design to energy healing and deep wisdom from her guides. These approaches helped her clients undergo significant transformations in their lives. Clients also sought her assistance in connecting with departed loved ones and clearing their homes and business spaces of spirits and negative energy. Consequently, Heather’s practice experienced exponential growth. Her innate ability to connect with and guide trapped spirits, as well as cleanse homes’ energies, has brought positivity back into the lives of many. Now, she mentors others to connect with their guides, angels, and spirits, enabling them to unlock their true potential and gifts.

Heather also hosts “The Integra Podcast,” where she interviews leaders in wellness, spiritual guidance, and functional medicine, offering her listeners inspiration, wisdom, and wellness. You can find her podcast on all major platforms.

In this episode, Heather shares how she feels ignited by her authentic path and reveals where her intuitive journey is leading her next.

Enjoy the show!

To learn more about Heather, visit her site: Integra Holistic Wellness.

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