Did you know that scientists recently discovered that the monarch butterflies have a genetically encoded compass?  This compass helps  them determine two things: the time of day and the sun’s position on the horizon.

Monarchs use their eyes to detect polarized light, which helps them determine the position of the sun, even on cloudy days. They also have a circadian clock that helps them keep track of time and navigate based on the sun’s position.

Monarch butterflies are now endangered for a variety of reasons, including the effects of artificial light.  Artificial lights can confuse monarchs and disrupt their internal navigation system, causing them to become disoriented and misdirected. This leads them to expend precious energy and lose their way.

We, like the monarch butterflies, also have an internal GPS (our intuition) that helps us navigate our way in the world.

Also, like the monarchs, we often lose our way as we live in a culture that disrupts our internal navigation system, too!

We are constantly looking outside of ourselves for the answers and end up feeling despair as we compare ourselves, feel bad for aging, think we don’t have enough and on and on and on…

We end up feeling disoriented and confused about which direction to go, how to make our dreams real and what our life purpose truly is.

Do you ever feel this way?

We also spend much of our lives wasting our precious energy – staying stuck in relationships we’ve outgrown, spending years doubting ourselves, living a life we think we should rather than letting our inner knowing and wisdom guide the way.

Most of you know me as a holistic life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, intuitive human design specialist, artist and mom to three boys.  I’ve dedicated the past 20 years of my professional life to guiding women towards living an empowered, authentic and creative life.

I’m doing something new and I’m really putting myself out there in a way that’s taking me out of my comfort zone and making me feel vulnerable.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing more about my Wildflower Tour and Product Launch announcement, and we’ll explore why accessing, trusting and building the courage to follow your inner gps is so important on your journey towards living the life you are here to live!

We need awakend women as the energy of the world continues to shift.  (I keep hearing Alicia Key’s lyrics, “…and we will RISE UP….” playing in the back of my mind.).  You can see different systems really rocky right now, including how out of balance the environment is and how things have to change!

We are awakening.  We don’t want to live the way everyone is telling us to live.  We want to be our most authentic self in this lifetime so we can share our true gifts while living more in tune and in rhythm with mother nature.  We need to be connected to our inner GPS – our intuition and inner guide – in order to do just that.

I also share in this episode how to learn more about your Human Design energy blueprint and how powerful that can be on your next step towards living in harmony with your life’s purpose and your dreams.  Your life is precious and you deserve to express your true nature while you are here on this planet!


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