I took a pause from the A Free Spirit Life podcast to dedicate more time to my painting, enjoy winter break with my family, and to kickstart the return to the Mindful Mama Movement podcast.  I am so happy to be back to this podcast today!

In today’s episode, I explore the importance of living in rhythm and in flow with your authentic nature. I talk about how energy is so important and invaluable in how we experience our daily lives.

As a holistic life coach, I have guided hundreds of women going through small and big life transitions and one thing we all have in common is we want to be seen and appreciated for who we are – even in the midst of the mess.

We as humans don’t particularly love change, and we tend to stay comfortable with how things are, even when we aren’t happy, because the unknown feels scary.

It takes a lot of courage to choose to change.  Let me say that again…  It takes a lot of courage to choose to change.

A free spirit is someone who questions the way things have always been. It’s someone who follows curiosity and wonder.  It’s someone who is remembering what’s important in life and it’s someone dedicated to reconnecting with their own inner magic.  A free spirit is someone on a quest to feel safe being who they truly are so they can share their authentic gifts with the world.

The messages we receive from our culture is on how to be a “good girl,” how to “please others” at the expense of our needs, how to fit in and how to live totally out of alignment from our true self.

If there is a longing inside you that knows there’s a different way to live, that’s your intuition nudging you.  You are ready to walk through transition and change with courage. This episode will encourage and support you to do just that and more.

Enjoy the show!

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Shannon’s Holistic Life Coaching + Human Design Readings

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Thanks for listening.  I see you…