We wear a lot of hats and hold up many plates and the day-to-day juggle is real.  When we are faced with so much on our work and home life plates, we can easily miss the everyday, joyful moments in life because we are simply overwhelmed and depleted.

In this episode, we’ll eplore the 5 energy types in Human Design and learn how to feel more attuned with our true nature.

I’ll teach you how to find your energy type and why learning more about your personal chart is so life-changing.

I’ve had years of experience as a spiritual teacher and life coach, and since integrating Human Design into my intuitive practice, I have guided hundreds of women as they navigate change and break free of limitations with greater direction, clarity, peace and authenticity.

So many women – just like you and me – are struggling to regain some sense of “normalcy” as we move through these unsettling times.  We are awakening to the fact that we don’t have to live like everyone else, and in fact, when we discover more about our true self, we see we’re all unique puzzle pieces.

Human Design helps you embrace and celebrate your differences, while shining a light on your authentic strengths and gifts.

We all can see how fast life is moving and changing. Let’s break the cycle of living on autopilot and rather than draining our energy, learn how to connect deeply to our intuition so we can say “yes” to the right things, and say “no” to what’s holding us back and depleting our precious energy.

After taking a deep dive into the 5 energy types, I’ll share my love notes to each of you.  My hope is that you feel seen, heard and validated.  I want you to remember how amazing and beautiful your messy and imperfect life really is.

Knowing more about your Human Design will help you celebrate your authentic self and see your unique place in this world.

When we learn how to connect with each other in a more empathetic and genuine way, our relationships feel more in sync. And when life feels in sync, we experience true harmony – as though we’re flowing with the current.

Human Design is a way to step into the current and to flow with life in a more ease-filled and energized way.


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