Hi friends! I’m back after a long break from the podcast.

My dad passed away very suddenly 6 months ago and I’ve taken some time away to get quiet, to rest and to grieve.

In this episode, I’m exploring what it feels like to show up in life, even when it doesn’t go the way we think it “should.”

The world is a noisy place and works hard to pull us away from our truest nature.  There is no right path, only the path that is right for you.

Are you listening to your heart and soul?  What are you longing for?  Where’s your path taking you?  Do you trust it?

Let’s explore that and more together in this episode.


My favorite recent books:

It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok by by Megan Devine

Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe by Laura Lynne Jackson

Heart Talk by Cleo Wade

Tapping into Wealth by Margaret Lynch

Thanks for listening!  I’m happy to be back with you.

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With love,