Hello friends!

I’m back with a short episode checking-in this summer as we are slowly emerging after a year of the pandemic.  I’ve received so many emails and messages about how you all are exploring life after what once felt “normal,” and how you’re learning to embrace the reset that is helping you return more to your authentic self.

One of the gifts of all the upheaval, unknowns, discomfort and changes from the past year is that so many of us are learning what it feels like to live more in alignment with our true nature.  And it seems like we like it here!

What about the shifts from this past year have resonated with you?
What about it do you want to carry with you moving forward?  What awakened in you during this time of deep change?

During this time of change, I’ve rediscovered my love of watercolor and created a new course, Inspired Flow, where I integrate energy healing with intuitive creative, art journaling.  It’s all about using the playful modality of watercolor to spark creativity, raise your vibration, get you in-tune with your energy centers and connected to your intuition, so that you can experience more ease, balance, alignment, joy and playfulness in your life.

It’s not about painting a beautiful piece of art (although it is quite beautiful when you express yourself intuitively), but it’s about learning how to be in the moment.  It’s about learning how to listen to your heart and discovering what your soul wants to express.  Intuitive creating in this way helps you notice how you feel, without your restless mind getting in the way.  It’s a powerful healing, self-discovery exploration.


Shoot me a DM on Instagram and tell me:

What are you feeling creatively inspired by?
How are you taking care of yourself during this life-altering time?
What does your heart need most in this moment?

In honor of the change and the summer solstice, I’m offering a summer special.  For the next 10 coaching clients, if you sign up for a Human Design reading or a personal life coaching session, you’ll receive one free week of Voxer coaching support!  VISIT HERE to learn more.

Happy Summer and thanks for listening.