In this final podcast episode for 2019, I share my desire to find stillness this time of year. There is a season for outward activity, as well as a time to come inside and experience more quiet and solitude.

This episode will bring inspiration to your life as you may be experience deep change and transformation.  Living a free spirit life is about being authentic.  It’s about staying connected to your intuition.

It’s really hard to listen to the messages of your heart when you are in a constant state of busy.  I find it challenging to grasp what my heart is saying when my mind is constantly running, when my fingers are constantly scrolling, and when I’m tending to the needs of everyone else without making my own needs a priority.

I see you.

I know you sometimes feel alone.  I know that you are going through change right now and that it can feel scary.  I know you may feel like resisting it.  I know you may feel open to it.  I know you feel like you you’re going back and forth between the past way of being, and the change you are so ready for.  I know some days you feel really good and some days you get knocked down and not sure how you’ll get back up.  I know how unsettling change can be.


I hope these words speak to you today.  Whatever change you are feeling, honor it.  Wherever you are in this moment, embrace it.

What do you need most?
Where is your heart guiding you to go?

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Be well and listening to your heart!