Today’s show is about mindfulness during the holiday season.

You’ll hear 7 tips on how to stay more centered, grounded and connected to love, joy and gratitude, so that you can less likely get swept away by an abundance of stress, overwhelm and anxiety during the holidays.

There’s a lot going on this time of year.  If we aren’t paying attention, we can easily get caught up in over-consumption, distractions and busyness, and once the holidays are over this leaves us in a “holiday coma.”  We end up spending too much, eating too much, rushing around and are left feeling disconnected and frustrated.  That’s not a very mindful way to start the New Year!

Let’s explore simple ways to create a holiday season that is more inline with your authentic self, values and priorities so that you can feel encouraged and inspired to feel more peace, calm and presence during this season and beyond.



Be well and thanks so much for listening!