In today’s show I’m so excited to be bringing you this beautiful conversation with Spirituality and Transformational Coach, Sarah Jenks.

Sarah helps women “come out” as who they truly are. She shares her own story about coming to terms with the “lie” that so many of us have been sold which is, you should just be happy with a husband, a few kids and a cute house.  So many women wake up one day and are hit with the revelation; “I have everything I ever wanted, why aren’t I happy?”

Through earth based spirituality, historical perspective and inspirational coaching, Sarah gives women permission to finally get out of the “one size fits all” mentality to happiness and create a life that is truly theirs.

Sarah has been featured in Success Magazine, Parents Magazine, Health Magazine, Martha Stewart and Glamour.

In this show, she shares more about her emotional eating journey, how she discovered that she was bored with her life and how she “rehabbed” it.  After years of hating her body and using food for comfort and to reduce stress, Sarah learned that she didn’t need to use food in order to feed what was missing.  That’s when her whole life started to shift.

Sarah shares how this life change led her to buy a retreat center – where she brings women together on retreats, healing workshops and full moon ceremonies.  We also talk about the cycles of the moon, the divine feminine, why we all need to go on retreat and the power that happens when women come together in circle.

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