In today’s show I am excited to share more about the importance of belonging to a supportive community and why I created the Live Freely Circle, and how it’s helping women reclaim their lives again.

Women repeatedly tell me how tired, busy and overwhelmed they are.  When we are in a constant state of overwhelm, we’re not living our truest and fullest life.

Life is zooming by.  We can’t wait until our life is perfect to feel healthy, to be happy and to be truly ourselves.  We have to learn how to be authentic, present and available now.

Listen to the show for inspiration on how life-changing it can be when you find a supportive tribe where you can celebrate who you are and who you are becoming.

Enjoy the Show!

What is the Live Freely Circle?

The Live Freely Circle is a movement of brave and inspiring women who are committed to their healing, personal growth, and awakening so they can stop living a life that isn’t inline with their heart and soul.

We as women feel way too busy the majority of our lives, and that busyness and distraction vying for our attention is intensifying, leaving us exhausted, depleted and constantly feeling behind.  Between a never ending to do list and the pressure to do more and keep up, our deepest needs are being ignored.

We’re losing touch with who we are, our truest calling and feel confused on how to reclaim our lives and return to that joy, peace and freedom we’re longing for.

Nonstop activity and being consumed with busy, rushing and the fast-paced race of daily life is what we must break free of to reach optimum health, wellness, abundance and contentment.

You need to feel like you can take good care of yourself, tend to your passions and feed your soul, while giving to others, don’t you think?

The Live Freely Circle is a fun, supportive, compassionate, virtual tribe and monthly membership community that helps you do just that.

VISIT HERE to learn more about the circle and try out our free 7-day trial or sign-up for your monthly membership today.

Thanks for listening and sharing with your friends!