I’m back after winter break.  I felt a deep desire to unplug and clear space over the holidays and it was a wonderful season.

In today’s show, we are exploring simple ways to gain clarity, courage and connection to our calling as we walk forward into the New Year.

This is the time where we can be mindful about what’s working in our lives and what we are ready to change.  We tend to set ourselves up for failure as we set unattainable goals during this time of year.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you are in the deep of winter.  This is more of a time to go within, to seek stillness and solitude, and to retreat.

It’s in this “going within” that we experience deep self-reflection, and it’s in that space where we can clear space, slow down, create clarity and a clear vision about where we want to go.



I’ll also talk about what a vision board is and give tips on starting one of your own.

If you want to dive more fully into this work and get some guidance on setting intentions, finding your power word and creating a vision board, join the Live Freely Circle for January.

You can find all the details and save your spot by visiting HERE.

In the show I mention Whole30 – here’s the link for more info on that.

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