In today’s episode, I’m sharing an amazing conversation with entrepreneur, spiritual guide and coach, Tiffany Baker.

Tiffany recently learned that she’s a projector in Human Design. In this show, we explore how and why learning about her Human Design projector nature has been so rewarding, empowering and freeing.

Human Design Projector

I love how Tiffany describes that experimenting with life as a projector with splenic authority (how she connects with her intuition) has helped her understand her true nature in a whole new way.  She now knows why she needs more downtime than others, and she’s creating a family life and business that allows her to rest and work when she feels like it, rather than hustling and burning out like she did for so many years.

Trusting Your Intuition

Tiffany is honest and genuine in her sharing about learning to trust her intuition, even when it means changing her mind, setting new boundaries or disappointing others.  She’s a true testament to what it means to live more in alignment with your natural energy type and more connected to your authentic self.  Her authentic wisdom is a true gift and I simply can’t wait for you to listen to this episode.

Podcast Episode 56: Designed to Shine – Meet Human Design Projector Tiffany Baker


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Thanks for listening and thanks for being YOU.