Reiki for Healing

In today’s episode, we’ll explore energy, connecting to your intuition (through your Human Design energy type) and the gentle hands-on healing modality, Reiki.

Access Your Inner Wisdom

We’ve been born with an inner wisdom.  It is your intuition – your teacher and guide.  Your intuition is nudging you subtly in life, sometimes really loudly – hitting you on the head, to get you to listen.  It’s our job to learn how to pay attention to it, and find the courage to follow where it’s leading.


We’ve been taught that our mind is really the place to make decisions from. We end up getting stuck, fixing problems and mulling over solutions in our head.  The mind is a great place to generate ideas and process information, but to make decisions that are in tune with our authentic self, that’s when the mind can get in the way.

Present Moment

Maybe you get headaches from over-thinking, worrying, or ruminating about the past.  It can feel like a mental game of ping-pong – bouncing back and forth from past regrets to future worries.  We find ourselves stuck in our heads, while missing the present moment.

Podcast Episode 53: The loving practice of reiki for healing

Today I’m talking about how to get in tune and in touch with your intuition, and how to become your own guide and energy healer through the Reiki.


I am now teaching Reiki online!  You can take Reiki with a group or as a self-study program, and get a personal Reiki Level One attunement with me.  Visit HERE to learn more!

I’m also offering a free course, Energize Your Life with Human Design, where you can learn more about your energy type.

Be well and keep taking good care of YOU.  Thanks for listening!