Human Design and Parenting

Today’s show is all about mindful parenting and the powerful modality of Human Design.  I’ll explore how Human Design has helped me on my quest to practice mindful parenting and how it can help you.

If you have children, grandchildren or simply love children :), you’ll love this episode.  I’ll share in detail the 5 energy types in Human Design and how this info can be used as a parenting tool to help raise authentic, resilient, confident, connected and empowered kids.

Authentic Living

Now, more than ever, we are ready for this.  I’ve spent many years guiding women back to their authentic selves (as I’ve stumbled and fumbled along the way, too).  As we’ve moved through life and experienced challenges and pressures from the past, most of us have been pulled further away from who we naturally are.  We’ve learned through the years to doubt ourselves and judge what makes us unique as personality flaws, rather than embracing and celebrating what makes us different.

When you learn about Human Design, you are reminded what you know deep down inside yourself, of who you truly were before you were conditioned to be someone else.

Rather than raising kids who will have to spend years rediscovering and reconnecting to their authentic selves in their adult years, let’s raise our children to be aligned and in-tune with their inner power, beauty and wisdom – starting today.

You know that magic and presence you see in young children and how they walk through life uninhibited, creative, fearless and full of wonder?  That’s when they are living in the flow of their true essence.  They don’t get consumed by self-doubt, question their uniqueness and think there’s something wrong with them.  They simply enjoy being who they are.

Think about how you were at that precious young age when you still believed in magic.  When you believed in things unseen.  It helps you return to that place where you believe, see and connect with the unlimited possibilities, magic and flow that comes from simply being who you really and truly are.

Podcast Episode 49: Mindful Parenting and Human Design

Mindful parenting using Human Design gives us the practice to heal and return to our true selves while raising authentic children.  When you know your children’s energy type, you will awaken to new ways that you can honor how they’re naturally designed to be, so they experience greater health, sleep, creativity and overall well-being.  That’s what this show is all about today.


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