What does “finding who you are” or “being your true self” really mean?  Do you know how to be yourself?  Do you know who you really are?

In today’s episode, I will share more about the powerful self-discovery tool of Human Design.  What is Human Design and how can learning your energy type (and learn about the rest of your chart) help you move beyond burnout and live more in alignment with abundance, joy and peace?

The reason I love Human Design so much is it helps you decipher and affirms what you know deep down inside yourself – about what it means to be who you are.  

When we come into the world we are connected to source and our natural way of being.  But soon after taking our first breath we start to collect the baggage and conditioning that weighs us down and takes us further away from our truth and authenticity.  We learn that in order to fit in and feel a sense of “belonging” we have to look outside of ourselves and try to be like everyone else.

Living a life that is out of alignment with our true selves eventually becomes overwhelming, exhausting and leads to burnout!

It’s time to discover who you really are and what you’re here to do. Human Design and learning your energy type can support you on your path of self-discovery and healing as you gain the courage to be your true self.  We need you to feel energized, authentic and free, so you can be who you’re meant to be and share your gifts with the world.

Visit here to look up your Human Design energy type.  You’ll need your birthday, place of birth and your exact birth time.  If you don’t have your time, you can enter 6 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. to see if the energy type stays the same.  (You’ll want to try to track your time down if you want to explore your chart more deeply.)

I’m so excited to share it with you.



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Thanks for listening and thanks for being YOU.