It’s been a year since the birth of our sweet Ashton Quinn.  Seems crazy that this one-year-old was a newborn just four seasons ago.  Now he is our joyful, wild-hair-blond, smiling from ear-to-ear, gotta climb on everything, must have that ball, needs to scale those stairs, and occasionally has to butt things with his head.
And of course, whenever there’s music or he even hears the word “dance,” well, there’s just no holding back.
Today we are dancing with wild abandon and beaming hearts because we are just so dang happy this little dude took his first breath a year ago today, and that we were the lucky family he chose to laugh, learn and grow with.
Life is a gift – that is for sure.  Thank you, Ashton Quinn, for gracing us with yours.
And now…we dance!
Your Personal Reflection:  What makes you wanna dance?  Get up off your seat and join us!