So the Reduce Clutter; Create Space theme for September is…the dreaded basement.  We’ve cleaned out the basement a few times over the last year and still keep finding things that are in desperate need of a new life.
Our de-clutter bug went crazy yesterday as we pulled furniture pieces out of the dark and into our driveway.  We started with the intention to post things on Craig’s List, but soon felt a deeper desire to just give these special items away to friends who might have the interest.  Within an hour of dusting them off, two separate neighbors picked up all the items you see here.  (There’s still more!)
This unfinished piece of furniture will now find a home in a new babies room.  My husband, Chris, made several of these years ago when he was creating lots of whimsical furniture.  He held onto this one thinking he’d finish it…someday.  Well…we are done with someday.  We now know that when we are ready to make another piece of furniture, the inspiration, the materials and the motivation will find us when the time is right.  No more holding onto things for the someday that may never come.
This piece was a custom made supply cabinet that Chris created for my old home office.  That office is now Kestan’s room and it just won’t fit anywhere else.
This was my first and only welded project.  It was fun to make and I spent a lot of time mosaic tiling each shelf.  However, we really never found a place for it in our home and it has spent the last 5 years in the basement!
My friend and neighbor, Carol, stopped by yesterday and fell in love with it.  She is now using it in her beautiful Art in the Attic – her home studio where she teaches art to kids.  I saw it this morning and it looks so happy and vibrant with its new life.
It felt great giving our things to friends and to see their excitement was definitely worth it.  And we feel really energized from having more space cleared out.  There is still more of the basement to conquer.  Next, we’ll go through our stacks of art and smaller items. Then, as the seasons come, we plan on sifting through our holiday things.  We just don’t want stuff anymore.  If it’s collecting dust then it just doesn’t seem to be serving its intended purpose.
I am finding that clearing space is getting easier.  The hardest part for me is letting go of hand-made and nostalgic items.  What do I do with that beautiful antique table from my grandma?  I love it but I don’t have space for it.  Do I put it back in the basement to store for that…someday?  Or do I give it new life by gifting it to someone else?  And the question I continue to ask myself when deciding which pieces to keep and which ones to let go of:  What purpose does this still serve in my life?   
I really do love the items I’ve let go of.  And yes, as I saw them drive off, there was a part of me that thought, “Ooh, do I really want to give that away?  Oh wait…just kidding…I want it back.  Come back with my stuff!”  But really, feeling the positive energy and knowing there is more open space in my home is a great reminder that letting go is the right thing to do.  
So goodbye stuff!  Enjoy your new life.  Now…off to see what other treasures I can find that are ready to see the light. 
Your Personal Reflection:  What are you holding on to for that…someday?  What purpose do your things serve in your life?  What are you ready to let go of?