Drawing For Fun
I gifted myself the book Drawing Lab For Mixed-Media Artists by Carla Sonheim, and I’m so thrilled about it.  I love all kinds of art – felting, knitting, collage, art journaling, mosaicing, sewing, painting, photography…  And one medium that I am drawn to, yet scared to death of is…DRAWING!  In the past I’ve read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and I took a life-drawing class, but I just didn’t feel inspired and my practice never really stuck.This book is super exciting because the exercises are very simple and specifically for artists who love journaling and collage.  The first assignment is to draw 30 cats, quickly and from memory, while lying down.  I love this – using simple materials like a marker and paper, no pressure and no expectations, all while snuggled in a cozy bed!This page is my first quick attempt…


Quick Cat Sketches

Kestan saw me drawing and wanted to jump in the fun.  So we set up, side-by-side, in the art room and a special thing happened.
Drawing with Kes
We talked.
Well, he talked mostly.And I listened.
He opened up about things that have been on his mind.  I was amazed to hear his observations, his stories and his feelings about life.
Kes Art

He drew.
He made marks on the page without thinking twice, without editing, and without being critical or negative.
He simply let his intuition guide his way.  And this mindless activity, of making marks on paper, opened up a channel in him that allowed him to express his innermost feelings.
Together we doodled.  We explored.  We shared.  We made new discoveries.

And it reminded me just how important it is to incorporate more mindless creating and spontaneous play in my day.  It’s usually in this space, between all the chaos and the busyness of life, where the true magic really happens.  Just as in meditation, where there is a space between each inhale breath and each exhale breath, and a space between our thoughts, art can provide that same experience.  It gives us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty that comes from s p a c e.

Mindless creating and letting our intuition be the guide helps us connect to our heart centers.  And that’s what this very simple exercise – drawing for fun – did for my son and me.  We let go of our vulnerabilities, embraced play and connected to ourselves and to each other on a deeper level.And this is why I create…Your Personal Reflection:  Give it a try!  Step away from the computer and turn off your cell phone.  Grab a marker and piece of white card stock paper.  Get cozy and lay on your bed or the couch and draw 30 cats from memory.  Have fun and let yourself to play like a child would – without thinking about it.  Just see what comes out.  And if you have children, let them join you!  Have fun in the space of the present moment and simply enjoy drawing for fun.