You know those times when you feel a mix of excitement, nervousness, vulnerability, exhaustion and elation? I guess you’d call that mixed emotions?

That’s how I feel today as I share with you our new Mindful Mama Movement Podcast.

My dear friend, Ashley Walburn and I are partnering to bring mamas in all stages of motherhood this free radio show and community (soon-to-be retreats) where we celebrate the imperfect journey of motherhood.

If you are a mom, please have a listen! Let us know what you think!

If you like what you hear, you can enter to win from an amazing array of prizes from our mom-owned business friends who are helping us celebrate the launch.

Simply leave us a review and ratings on iTunes. After you leave your review, email us (or hit reply to this email), and let us know you left a review.

You’ll be entered to win from all of our fabulous prizes you see HERE.



  2. Once there click “ratings & reviews”
  3. Then click, “write a review”
  4. Email and let us know!


  2. Scroll to the bottom of our episodes, and see “Show Ratings & Reviews”.  Click there to leave yours.
  3. Email and let us know!

If you want to have more chances to win, after leaving your ratings, reviews, and Subscribe, please share our podcast link with your mama friends and on social media.

Let us know how many times you did and we’ll enter you some more! (This is a system of trust…so just let us know and thank you for spreading the word about our movement!)

This show is a labor of love for sure.

It’s been a ton of work figuring all this podcasting world out. We are getting there. And we want to take you on the ride with us.


Can’t wait to hear how you like the show.

And thanks for being gentle with us as we put ourselves out there in this whole new way.

It’s exciting and scary all at once.

Be well, my friend.
Thanks for being…you.