Our hearts are heavy and filled with sorrow for the lives that were not only lost in Orlando a few days ago, but for those all around the world and in our own circle of family and friends who are hurting.

During such times, anger rises up. We are angry at those who are violent and spread hate. We are angry at those who hurt others. We are angry that such horrible things can happen in this world to innocent people and to those we care about.

During such times, blame sets in. We point fingers. We place judgment. We don’t know what else to do.

During such times, fear takes hold. We feel scared. We feel paralyzed. We let that fear keep us small and stuck, unable to break free or find the courage to speak up, to use our voice or to take action.

We are all connected. We are all hurting.

During these times we must give ourselves space to mourn.
We must sit with our feelings and feel the hurt and the sorrow.

It’s painful.

And with time, there comes a choice. The choice to stay in fear, or the choice to serve and mindfully walk forward with love.

Become an explorer of your life.

Notice what you think about. Notice how you feel. Notice when your energy gets caught up in anger, blame, fear, negativity and judgment. Notice when you feel inspired, uplifted, joyful, courageous, playful, positive and compassionate.

Observe your attitude.
Embrace a daily practice of gratitude and positivity.
But don’t just stay there.

Be mindful, tap into your courage and take action.

Let your positive, loving energy propel you into living more fully, living more boldly and living more freely, so that your love will touch others.

Your mindful action can make someone else feel better. Your mindful action can change laws. Your mindful action can open minds and help others soften. Your mindful action can create something new that the world needs.

Your mindful action can spread joy.

Your mindful action will create a ripple effect – spreading positivity, kindness, and love that can help others (and yourself) heal.

Don’t let fear keep you frozen, small or stagnant.
Now is the time to fully step into your own power, to lead with courage and to spread compassion across the world.

Maybe it’s simply being kind to someone who is different than you.

Maybe it’s listening to someone who needs to talk.
Maybe it’s giving a hug to someone who is hurting.
Maybe it’s stopping what you are so busy doing to be fully present with another.
Maybe it’s using your voice for change.

Keep sharing your gifts with the world – we need you.

Keep sharing your love, because it heals.

Keep sharing your wisdom and peace with each other – we need it more than ever.

Be kind to yourself this week.
Go slow.
Be loving to others.
Allow them to be.

Then, kindly, compassionately make choices and take mindful steps forward to help someone in need.


I was recently interviewed on The Amplify Your Life podcast.

In the interview I get personal about my own self-doubt and share how I practice taking mindful action in my life.

I talk about how motherhood is teaching me how precious time is and how being a mom is a journey in learning to trust myself, to trust my children and to trust life.

I share how to be more creative while raising children, how to spark your creativity and the importance of taking good care of yourself so that you can experience the joy that comes from being authentic and embracing being imperfect.

You can listen to the interview by CLICKING HERE.

Be well, my friend.
Hug your loved ones.
Open your mind and heart.
Celebrate your life.

Lead and walk forward by taking mindful action…





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