I’m so honored to be invited to participate in The Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour hosted by Kathy Stowell of Bliss Beyond Naptime.  The Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour is helping to spread the word about the importance of mothers tending to their self-care and creative practices first while addressing overwhelm in healthy and creative ways.

(I was also a recent guest on Kathy’s wonderful Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast.  Listen to it HERE.)

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I just spent the last 5 days with one of my dearest friends.  It’s that timeless friendship that picks up right where it left off, no matter the distance or space between visits.  We met as newbie freshman in college and now our lives have expanded to include our husbands and our 5 boys. Together during our past visit we enjoyed lots of downtime, dancing in the rain, nature walks, good food, laughter, bonfire and s’mores, and catching fireflies, among other summer fun.

What I was reminded of this past week is that deep, intimate friendships with other women are vital on our journey as mothers.  Being a mom is overwhelming at times.  A good, authentic friendship gives you a sounding board, someone to relate to, and the inspiration and support that is so needed on this mothering journey.  Good friendships remind you that you aren’t alone, that you CAN make it through the rough times, and that there is so much goodness and beauty to celebrate.

Today I’m sharing a glimpse of our week together and what mama bliss is to me.

In this moment, Mama Bliss is slowing down, being together, connecting deeply and loving fully.  Mama Bliss is about embracing the simple, every day moments of life.
Mama Bliss is…

photo 4

…old and new friendships.

Mama Bliss is…

photo 5 copy

…countless hours of PLAY on lazy summer days.

Mama Bliss is…

photo 5

…seeing the boys grow and face fears (especially with daddy).

Mama Bliss is…


…long walks and exploring in nature.

Mama Bliss is…

ash heart

…collecting heart rocks with this sweet boy (something we both love doing together).

Mama Bliss is…

kes curious

…his wonder and ever-growing curiosity.

Mama Bliss is…

gray growing

…his first year of life (messes and all).

Mama Bliss is…

photo 1 copy

…the pure joy of BEING together.

Mama Bliss is…


…finding stillness to be alone to connect to that place deep within me that knows what truly matters most.

Whether it’s through friendship and community, playing and being in the moment, finding stillness or getting out in nature, Mama Bliss for me is about stepping out of my head and into my heart, and being more present in my daily life.

Mama Bliss is trusting that my life as a mother is unfolding in its own imperfect, beautiful way.

What does Mama Bliss mean to you?