photo cowboyhat
I’m loving my break from work deadlines to tackle some of the lingering projects I continue to push to the back of the list…you know…like taxes, backing up computer flies, packing the winter clothes and getting ready for spring.  Taxes have to be done this weekend.  Then, it’s deciding which seeds to start planting for our garden. And after that…the project I’m the most excited to conquer is sifting through my digital photos and videos of the boys.

Here’s my plan…  First, to organize my iPhoto library – clear out the old photos, organize the ones I’m keeping and back them up!  Then, I’m going to pick my favorites and make a photo book for each boy.  Then, I will go through all of our home videos and make DVD’s so we can actually watch and enjoy them, and not let them get lost in computer-land.

I started organizing just a few photos this morning and I am so excited to dedicate some quality time to this project.  It could be daunting if I really take a look at just how many photos I have to go through, but I am enjoying moving at a slow pace.

And for some reason…this project is just a little more fun while wearing a cowboy hat.

I’m realizing that one of the reasons I am falling in love with photography is that it is giving me the visual tools to document my children’s history.  Isn’t that cool to think about?  Someday, they will look back on all of these memories and be reminded of the special times and love that they were surrounded by during these precious years.
photo boys

As I look through my photos I’ve been reflecting a lot about what it means to be a mother. With all the devastation going on in the world, sometimes I question what life is all about. It makes me think about how I’m contributing to the world and how I can continue making it a better place.  A friend and past Inside Out participant reminded me yesterday that one way to give back to the world is to raise our children to be responsible, loving, and compassionate beings
And that is why I am passionate about creating the life I love, and inspiring others to do the same, because when our life-purpose is aligned with how we are living each day, then we have no other choice than to be joyous and happy.  And teaching our children that happiness comes from within, is a great, wonderful gift.  When we feel happy at our core we feel moved to share that happiness by being of service to the world.  
Growing, being, laughing, doing, documenting, sharing, giving, receiving…  That’s what my photos remind me of, and that’s why I am dedicated to being more present in my life…and going deeper along the way…
Your Personal Reflection:  What do your photos say about your history and how are you making the world a better place?