Well, my family is a little bit in shock. You see, kind of unexpectedly, we adopted a mini-golden doodle from our local animal rescue shelter last night.

Sure, we’ve had intentions to get a dog…someday. But the boys have been asking (begging, pleading) all summer long. When the opportunity came to look at the very dog we’ve all wanted, well, we took the chance.

And now, I have a black, furry, sweetheart (no name yet) puppy at my feet.

We cancelled our plans for the day (and for the next few) so we can be home and help our new family member (and us) acclimate.

I have never potty-trained a dog before. Luckily my husband is around to help train us.. (What was I thinking…after nearly 10 years of raising kids my youngest is almost out of pull-ups! Deep breaths…I can do this.)

So that’s what I’m up to as we round out month two of summer.

As I moved through the day watching, observing (while a bit on edge) with this little fur ball, here’s one thing I’ve already learned – training a dog forces you to be in the present moment.

Being a dog owner (and a mom) is definitely full of lessons in mindfulness.

To be mindful is to listen, to pay close attention to and to expand our vision of what is happening now, while fully accepting it – the mess and all. It’s about paying attention, and making internal and external shifts as needed based on what’s going on.

The practice of being mindful brings us directly to the present moment and teaches us to learn how to accept it – even when it’s full of mess, chaos and disappointment.

Sometimes, in our attempt to be more present, we must let go of the “perfect” outcome that we so deeply desire. That’s hard. We have wants! And we want that stuff, those opportunities, the kids to sleep through the night, the dog to be trained, that ease, that amount of money in the bank, whatever…RIGHT NOW!

We want the dog, but we don’t want to deal with the poop, mess and slobber.
We want the kids, but we don’t want the noise, the tantrums, the emotional and physical drain.
We want life to be what we envision it to be in the future, without having to deal with the stuff – right here and now.

That’s tough, right? I so agree…

But even after a day and night of little sleep (it feels like a new baby is in the house), and learning what it means to bond and teach this furry little guy how to become a member of our family, I see that – the no sleep, the accidents, the hard times to be…a part of life.

Life is…messy.
Life is…imperfect.
Life is…noisy.
Life is…uncomfortable.
Life is…chaotic.

Life is also magical, joyous, peaceful, wondrous and a celebration.

Remember as you move through your messes, those messes aren’t YOU, and as Moana would say, they don’t define you either.

Whatever you may be going through in your life, where can you practice mindfulness?

Your Personal Reflection:

Can you start observing and paying more attention to the areas in your life that are calling to you? What’s working? What is more challenging? What are you avoiding? Can you go there? Can you listen? Can you pay more attention to what you need?

Where is your heart guiding you?

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Be well, my friend.  Wish me luck as I stumble and fumble as a puppy-mom!

Got any name ideas for this cutie?