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The outer kingdom is not our real home. The inner kingdom is our everything.

~ Marianne Williamson

This is my last attempt to get you to join us on a creative adventure that is sure to take you on a soulful, life-changing ride!  The quotes below are just a few of the recent comments I’ve received from the amazing community of women who have taken my Inside Out e-course.

“I so believe in the work Shannon does, but even more so, I’m inspired to live the life I LOVE because she helped crack open my soul…”

“I really love my new painting and would never have had the courage to paint like this before playing so much with paint and having no set expectations that I learned through Inside Out.  So, thank you, Shannon!

“Thank you for this community space and for all the help and encouragement you have given me with your course. I am a free spirit!”

“Shannon, from the beginning you have taught me to face my fears and work through them. One item on my list of  “25 things I’ve always wanted to do” was to open an Etsy shop…today I am marking that off my list!  Thank you, beautiful lady, for shining your light to inspire us to shine ours.”

To see more of what past Inside Out graduates are saying about the course, visit: 
 Free Spirit Raves

Below is the welcome video I created for the new session that starts this Monday.  If you are still wondering if this is the right experience for you, watch the video and if you resonate with my words…get yourself over to the registration page and JOIN US!

To register, visit Inside Out Registration.

Reminders:  This is the last session of Inside Out I’ll be offering for 2013.  I’ve nearly cut the price in half and will not be offering the course at this discount in the future.

The password to view the video is:  befree


Inside Out Welcome Video April 2013 from Shannon Kinney on Vimeo.

Your Personal Reflection:

Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of?  Are you caught up in negativity and stress? Do you miss expressing your creative side? Do you wish you could be more creative?  Are you worried about making everything perfect and just so? Do you go to bed at night feeling exhausted and sad that you can’t get to the things you enjoy most? Do you feel like you never have enough time or energy?  Are you ready to make deep changes in your life, so you truly can create a life YOU love, each and every day?

Then…my love…NOW is the time.


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