“If you align in any moment with the flow of life as it presents itself, all will unfold in the right way at the right time with a certain spontaneity and ease.”
~ Tosha Silver

Today is my birthday.

I woke up early, as today was the first day getting my oldest son back to school after winter break.

He was bumming the last few days but accepted that today was the day, and went off to school with ease. My mom and sister had pastries and coffee for me in the morning and then I gifted myself a wonderful session with an energy healer / spiritual guide that I just love.

The session went just over two hours.

My head hurt afterwards. I felt tired. After picking up my oldest from school I took a nap. A lovely, beautiful, spontaneous, happy nap.

I woke up feeling alive. Elated. Excited. Inspired. And grateful. Completely grateful.

My boys love parties and they are excited to celebrate me tonight. They are out with daddy picking up dinner and dessert. I’m enjoying some quiet by the fire with a delicious glass of wine – a gift from a dear friend. Life is good.

Does it always feel good? Does it always feel peaceful and easy and spontaneous? Is life full of relaxing naps, take-out dinners and wine by the fire?

Uh…nope…at least not mine anyway.

But you know what? Life is an adventure. It’s meant to be savored, enjoyed, appreciated and loved.

Yet the day-to-day so often weighs us down. We get caught up in a sea of worry, an entanglement of self-doubts and a lifetime of fear.

One thing I was reminded of today about my own life is – I truly believe that each of us is here to enjoy it. Life is meant to be fun. Life can be hard and overwhelming, but our challenges don’t have to define us or keep us in a lifetime of struggle.

When you are struggling, remember this…

You are not alone.

I struggle, too.
We all struggle.
Despite what you see out there, none of us are living the perfect life.

But there is a better way. And I do what I do because I have spent a lifetime exploring a better way.

I’ve spent countless years practicing breaking free of self-doubt, worry and fear. I’ve fumbled and stumbled along the way – felt lost, trapped, small, scared and overwhelmed. It’s a daily practice.

I’m choosing to step more fully into my own personal power this year.
I’m choosing to break free of the struggle and embrace love more often.
I’m choosing to celebrate my wild side, to have more fun, to play more, dance more, laugh more and be silly.
I’m choosing to express my creativity and live a life more in tune with my true rhythm and nature, despite if it’s out of step with the rat race in our culture.

I’m choosing to take an adventure of self-discovery and let self-love, self-care and self-compassion lead me down life full of endless freedom.

I’m choosing simplicity and contentment.

I’m choosing to live freely.

If you are feeling called to make changes in your life, to be honest, to be real, to be vulnerable and to break free of your own doubts and fears, it’s time to do it together.

Step fully into your own power this New Year.
Say yes to adventure.
Say yes to your life.

Take a risk, walk forward with courage and join our circle. You will be amazed by the power that comes from being brave and doing it together with other women walking a similar path. They will keep you accountable and support and love you.

Why waste any more years, months, weeks, days or minutes consumed, lost, overwhelmed and feeling trapped?

Break free of the struggle by admitting that you and your beautiful, imperfect life are worth it.

You matter. Your self-care matters. Your dreams matter. Your life matters!

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Remember, what is meant to find you always will. You just have to stay open and say yes when it shows up

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