Happy New Year!

I’ve been quiet the month of December.

I had intentions to write you a few holiday posts, but honestly, my focus was on the kids and the celebration of the season. I really let go of a lot this year – like sending cards and packages – I just decided there was other ways I wanted to spend my time. I barely took photos and didn’t feel like sharing much on Facebook or Instagram.

So instead of planning my annual cookie party or printing tons of family photos for the cards, I made different choices.

The choices became more about quality time. Starting the mornings more slowly. Finishing up projects that were important to me – like these knitted monsters that I started 2 years ago!

Along with spending time with family and friends, I watched many Christmas movies by the fire, baked goodies with my mom and sister, and played games and went on simple adventures with the boys.

We continued our family tradition with our 12 days of Christmas countdown and introduced our version of Elf on the Shelf with Billy the “[kindness elf](http://www.kindnesselves.com/ideas/christmas-tradition/)”.

These boys had a magical holiday season – such a fun and wonderful age.  Their joy and enthusiasm for life is so infectious.


The choices I made to slow down and let go this season led right into the crazy, decluttering madness that swept through our home the day after Christmas.

Seriously, my house looks like a tornado came through.

We cleared out our entire storage room and gave away carloads of STUFF. We moved an entire art room and office downstairs to free up a bedroom and then transformed two bedrooms so my oldest can now have his own room and the two littles will share. (Oh, and my husband refinished our entire basement so the boys playroom is back after having some water issues this past spring.)

The amount of clearing and letting go continues to remind me that energy does get blocked when there is too much STUFF around.

Whether it’s physical junk that’s collecting dust, or mental stuff that fills up your mind, or emotional muck that blocks love, or way too much on the “to do” list – CLUTTER is all around.

Clutter weighs you down.

It takes away your power.
It drains your energy.
Physical, mental and emotional clutter is exhausting.

But, we have choices.

I have a choice to keep letting go of that stuff and to remember that I can make a difference in my life by the choices I make. And so can you.

The choices we make are reflected in our lives.
The choices we make today are defining our future.

With the New Year upon us, this is the time to pause.
Reflect on your life. Think about where you are and where you want to go.

Ask yourself: What are the needs of my soul?

You have choices.
You can set an intention this New Year that ignites joy, that nurtures your spirit, that awakens you to a new way of living.
The choice really is up to you.

Make a choice – TODAY – that supports the life you know you are so ready to live.

Let go.
Make space.
Free up your life.

I want to hear from you! What is your intention for the New Year? What is one thing you will let go of today to create more space in your life?

Be well, my friend.
Keep making space for your dreams…